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GAMING NEWS – Resident Evil 3 Remake, Age of Empire 4, Predator Hunting Grounds, Marvel Game

In this article, we will talk about gaming news.

  1. In December month, new android games have been launched. Check out my previous video for new android games. And In this month, some new games for pre-register have been launched, For these games, check out my video. You can pre-register, as games will be launched, you will get a notification.
  2. Some news for Android games. 1. Marvel Super War- this game is developed by Netease. This game is going to launch on December 19. 2. Postknight 2- The first part of this game has been launched and the second part is going to launch on Android in 2020. 3. Foursaken Media has been announced that War Tortoise 2 is going to launch in Early 2020 on Android.
  3. Some updates for Android games- 1. PUBG Mobile- In this game, you will get to see Grappling Hooks, a new reviving trick, Deployable Shields, and more. 2. Clash of Clans- In this game, you will get to see a new Town Hall, Hero, Troop, Defense, and Siege Machine in a Huge New Update. 3. Marvel Contest of Champions- This game is Celebrating its Five Year Anniversary with a Special Trailer, you can check it.
  4. PC & Console Games Updates- Some new game is going to launch on PC & Console. 1. Resident Evil 3- The trailer of this game has come. This trailer is good. This game is going to launch on 3 April 2020. 2.Predator: Hunting Grounds- The trailer of this game has come and it’s going to launch on 24 April 2020. 3.Final Fantasy 7- The trailer of this has come and it is going to launch on 3 March 2020. 4. Age of Empires 4- Developers have started work for its 4 series. And this game is coming soon in 2020.

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