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GANGSTAR NEW YORK, Ring of Osiri (UE4), Honor of Kings: The World #GAMING NEWS 72

In this article friends will tell you about 3 new games GANGSTAR NEW YORK, Ring of Osiri (UE4), Honor of Kings: The World.

1: GANGSTAR NEW YORK / Gang Domination

“Gang Domination” is the latest multiplayer online mobile game. The game will be an open world gameRPG that players can play freely in New York City. The graphics of the game will be absolutely ultimate.The player will also drive the best car in the game . Players will chase their enemies and kill them. The game is going to get the best guns, which players are going to have a lot of fun using. The game looks very exciting. Pre-register the game now to enjoy an exciting shootout that will let you know as soon as the game is launched. And this game will be played in both Android and iOS devices.


2: Ring of Osiri (UE4) / Project: GAIA

Project GAIA – Android / iOS – is a multiplayer survival mode game. The player will find its graphics excellent. Players should be ready to play the game with the 3D model. In addition, Project: GAIA also gives you several buttons on the screen to aim and shoot at your enemies. During battle, you can switch weapons or reload your ammunition whenever you want. The player will get to fight with many dangerous enemies. The game also challenges for more complete performance optimization for the player, bigger map, more interesting interactions and more freedom.


3: Honor of Kings: The World

Looking at the trailer of the game, it seems that the graphics and visuals of the game are going to be very interesting. And the sound effects would be great. The player will have to fight with very big monsters which look very dangerous. And they will have dangerous powers. But in the game, the player will also have some good powers with which he will kill the monster. The player is going to get to play the game in very good modes. After playing these modes, the player will not find the game boring at all. and enjoy the game well.


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