Sunken Century Android Latest Game 2021

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Sunken Century Android Latest Game 2021 is a creative battle royale android game. In this fictional parallel universe game in the medieval ages, you can go anywhere using an airship. While playing this game, you will experience cold or hot weapons on land. You can also set sail and free fire shells in a warship. If you want you can mount a horse to enjoy the scenery or take a ship to explore the mysterious waters. Or you can find for supplies to upgrade your ship and firearms, etc. You can make your own strategies based on your liking.

Join the open gunfight on the battlefield or wait till others die? You can play this game as solo or multiplayer as you wish. No matter whichever weapons you use it only wants you to be standing on the battlefield to win this game.

Sunken Century Android Latest Game 2021

Join Thrilling Battle On Sea-land Field

If you want, you can try different battlefields on sea or on land in Sunken Century. You can choose multiple tactics and strategies to fight with hundreds of players.

Fire Shells And Explore the Blue Water

Use multiple warships according to your wish. You can use an arsenal warship with high damage, a fast assault ship that deals explosive damage, an armored ship playing a guardian role in the team, a scout ship carrying out observation of a region to locate an enemy, or a guerrilla ship to harass enemies. Join this game and build your special warship!

Try Different Combinations of Cold & Hot Weapons And Armors In This Game

Sunken Century contains a large number of weapons and armors. If you want You can use a dagger in a Cloak of Invisibility, wield a scepter in a mage robe, wave a heavy sword in knight armor, or shoot arrows in shooter wear. There are numerous types of weapons like axe, crossbow, hammers, and sniper rifles. Use your imagination to create more combinations of weapons and armors!

Collect Building Resources Against Time

Search for timber, metal, and cloth to build and upgrade your warships, armaments, and gears. Sunken Century dark tide is chasing behind you, are you ready to race against the clock?

You can win matches with wise Teamwork and Tactics

You can use your own strategy and combine gears, warships, weapons, and accessories according to your own wish. Choose a team as you wish to win on the battlefield. So, you should not hesitate to join the team and win the game.

Content Rating

Content Rating

It has a rating of 16+. Strong violence in this game is involved.

PUBLISHER KingGame studio


To play Sunken Century Android Latest Game you have to use Philippine Vpn.

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