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Top 10 ANIME Games For ANDROID 2021

1. My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

It tells the story of a child who is a hero, his name is Almighty. He saves people’s lives by facing every problem and arresting criminals, to rescuing cats. Become a symbol of peace for the bustling city. Deku all the way to learning the Shoot style. Play through iconic moments and events from the original series in scenes rendered in-game and voiced by your favorite voice actors. You don’t have to fight alone. Find other players in the open world to strike up a conversation, send emotes, and make new friends. Join Unions to create your own makeshift hero agency and decorate the Heights Alliance dorms just like the show.

PublisherSony Pictures Television
Size3 GB
Current version40009.2.29
Required android4.4 and up

2. One Piece Fighting Path

This is the best anime games on the planet earth. It is considered the longest train anime games. You can also freely explore the highly restored sea world, challenge sea beasts, collect treasure, trigger a variety of interesting eggs random events, and play your own fantasy nautical adventure. One Piece Fighting Path is a brand new genuine Voyager 3D action game, which restores a 3D immersive world of Voyager for players.

Size1.6 GB
Current version1.0.7
Required android

3. C Slugfest X

This is an open-world environment game, you can go anywhere. All characters of the Naruto series can be seen. Its graphics are amazing. With all 3D 360-degree free vision and dynamic weather system, presents you a visually stunning world of naruto free to explore. your favorite characters from the original anime NARUTO SHIPPUDEN. Create your own Ninja Team in your will. Improve teamwork in quests and team fights.

PublisherGame Samba
Size2 GB
Current version1.1.10
Required android4.4 and up

4. Komori Life

It tells the story of a girl that how to keep pets, do farming, run a house, to cook? This is an open-world game. Its graphics, seen, and location are amazing. The four major features of the game are released on the official website. Lighting effects, Japanese style, Players experience the visual enjoyment of being in the world of Japanese animated movies. Group light chat” players can play various characters in the game, Trigger a mission to meet friends.

Current version1.9.1
Required android

5. Attack on Titan Fanmade

This is an online game. You can fight. In it, you can take your favorite character. The game’s visuals match that of the anime series and it features one player fighting multiple enemies. The 3D Maneuvering Gear can be used to ascend to high areas. If you are a fan of Attack on Titan. You can try this game.

PublisherLight Yugen
Size140 MB
Current version5.0
Required android8.0 and up

6. BLEACH Mobile 3D

In this game, you will get to see amazing action, fighting, fencing. It is a 3D graphics action game. This is an online game. You will also get to see original anime characters, story plots & classic skills reappear. Multiplayer Real-Time Battles, Become a Real Soul Reape. Brand New PvP Mode, Real-Time PvP Solo Battles. Fight powerful enemies, together with your Teammates. And dive into the Unlimited Multiplayer Hueco Mundo’s Big Brawl. Join the fight together and march toward the final chapter.

Size1 GB
Current version39.5.0
Required android4.4 And up

7. Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace

This is an open-world game. You will get to see amazing fencing. In its graphics are good. In 2022, the world’s first fully stealth MMORPG game “Sword Art Online ” finally came out. But the real face hidden under the appearance of the game is a nightmare game of death. if you can’t completely attack “Sword Art Online”, you can’t leave the game, and once you are in the game GAME OVER, it also means You will “die” in the real world. And you, as one of the players imprisoned in the death game of Floating City “Aincrad”, will also unfold a series of adventure stories in order to complete the 100-level strategy.

Size500 MB
Current version1.1.0
Required android

8. Shin Hokuto Musou

In this game, you have to make combos. You will use different powers, abilities. Using these, the person in front has to be killed. Sometimes many boxers will attack together, you have to fight with them. In it have amazing action.

Current version1.4.0
Required android

9. One Punch Man: World

This game is upcoming, coming soon on your mobile device. Inside this game, all the characters of the one-punch-man game will be seen. There will be dangerous villains with whom you will fight. One-Punch Man: World is an action game adapted from the original anime “One-Punch Man”. The game includes a variety of game-play such as squad against monsters and world exploration. The game restores and also complements the world of disasters depicted in the anime where heroes and monsters against each other. This is an interesting game in all anime games.

Current version

10. Dragon Ball Strongers Warriors

This is an online game. We’re talking about a real-time action game where you control your character using virtual controls to move around and perform special attacks. Plus, Dragon Ball Strongest War includes spectacular 3D visuals and you can move the camera around. Basically, this game is a powerhouse that represents the Z Warriors’ adventures.

Size2 GB
Current version1.305.0.1
Required android2.2 and up

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