Top 10 New High Graphics Games for Android & iOS 2023

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  • One State RP:

One State RP is the first ever developed roleplay game introduced by ChillBase. It will serve you a unique gaming experience where you will see real players all around. You can decide what you want to be: A Policeman, A Military Man, A Businessman, or a Worker. You can communicate with your friends and enemies via voice chat. 

Explore the real-time simulation world with exotic locations. 

Download the game from the link below:

  • Ground Zero:

Ground Zero is a brand new intense thrilling game provided by Studio Ampersand. The game involves a nuclear war that started with ‘Contami’. It has destroyed the whole world which results in living beings turning into Zombies. Ally yourself with the survivors to defeat the Contamies. 

You need to collect resources, weapons, and firearms to protect yourself against enemies. You can download the game from the link below:

  • 3D Driving Game:

As the name suggests, 3D Driving is a driving game that lets you ride different vehicles. From small cars to highway buses and tanks, you can take joy in all of that. The game supports both iOS and Android platforms. It is introduced by the ‘JH Games’ which is an eminent name in driving games. 

The game is embraced with ultimate graphics to give a rich experience to gaming lovers. Download the game from the link below:

  • Pacifix War Iwo Jima:WW2 fps

Pacifix war is a first-person shooting game offered by ‘Tornado Studio’. The gameplay will take you to the pacific region where you can indulge in intense fighting against the opponents. Ally with other players to form a team to tackle the enemies. 

You are equipped with tanks, and firearms to use in battle. Get ready to witness the real war gaming experience. 

Download the game from the link below:

  • HAAK:

HAAK is a survival game offered by ‘Blingame’. The game begins when the whole world has been affected by the devastation. Survival is extremely difficult because there is danger in every corner of the city. 

But the good part is, a land in the south known as ‘Sanho’ remains unaffected due to its atmosphere and geo-location. ‘HAAK’, who is the lead character of the game, left everything and started moving towards the south in search of survival. 

Explore the danger with HAAK. Download the game from the link below:

  • 911: Canibal – Escape Horror:

911 is a horror game based on the concept of ‘Hide n Seek’. It contains some befuddle components. 

In this game, you will get kidnapped and will be kept in a menacing house. You need to find a way by which you can evacuate from that place. You need to be alert because the evil creatures don’t want you to get out of it.

Get ready to feel the most amazing thrilling experience with 911. Download the game from the link below:

  • Epic Ape Madness: MMO Survival:

This game will take you to a world where there are no humans, only monkeys. It is an action survival game that involves gang fights, madness, and adventure. The game brings a lot of customized options for you to give an epic gaming experience. 

Collect the resources to build your home, and craft weapons, and gears. It supports both: PvP and PvE. The ultimate madness world is waiting for you. 

Download the game from the link below:

  • Strangers – Awaken: 

Strangers – Awaken is a team-based Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. It will serve you the ultimate combat-fighting gaming experience. 

The game involves 5 teams, out of which 2 teams will fight it out in 20-25 minutes. You are embraced with weapons and armor to utilize against the enemies on the battleground.

The high-quality graphics will serve as the icing on the cake for gaming lovers. Download the game from the link below:

  • Rush Angel – Roguelike RPG:

Rush Angel is a combat fighting game that contains RPG and Metroidvania components. It has won the award for the Unreal Engine Dev Contest in 2021. 

The interesting thing about the game is that it lets you try over and over again until you achieve your goal. You need to take down the enemies and clear the combat traps to be rewarded as the best fighter. 

The ultimate graphics will enhance your gaming experience greatly. Download the game from the link below:

  • Resonance of the Ocean:

The game will take you to the coast of a barren island. The waves will bring something onto the shore. You need to make instruments with that. These instruments will help in finding out the echoes that you will hear from the ocean. 

Explore the hand-drawn world to enjoy the soothing gameplay experience. The game is provided by ‘Puja Studio’. 

Download the game from the link below: 

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