Top 10 New Local Co-op Multiplayer Games for Android & iOS 2023

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  • Deadly Fight: Classic Arcade:

As the name suggests, The Deadly Fight is a top-action fighting game that involves combat moves. The game is entitled with stunning graphics and a real-time action experience. Compete with human-driven AI, and other online players, and get involved in a private match with your friend as well. 

The gameplay comprises 4 modes including Championship, 1v1, Online Multiplayer / p2p, and Training. Each one has its own characteristics and importance. 

In addition to this, you can explore the stunning environment, and background music is the icing on the cake. 

The game is offered by ‘Arcade Fighting Games’. 

Download the game from the link below: 

  • Battle of Agents:

Battle of Agents is an offline multiplayer mobile game. It is a 3rd person shooting game where the players have to battle against each other. 

The gaming features involve:

Practice Mode: Get involved in fighting with a robot to enhance your skills. 

Characters: The gameplay comprises 4 different characters that possess unique capabilities. 

Weapons: Powerful firearms like Sniper and SMG are available for you. 

Others: The gameplay encapsulates Maps, Zombie Co-op, Falltown, and Villages which optimizes the game experience greatly. 

The game is offered by ‘XenEva Studio’.

You can download the game from the link below: 


Explore the 3D Car racing game with the ‘KING OF KARTS’.

The game supports a single multiplayer mode where you can have car battles with your friends on 8 different tracks.

The features of the game involve Split Screens, Risk Drifts, Thrilling Race Tracks, Power-Boost Items, and much more. 

The multiplayer game has 4 gaming modes that are Cups, K.O., Single Match, and Time Trail. 

Explore the Split screen Multiplayer Race Battle Game and earn stars and trophies. 

The game is provided by ‘wonderkind GmbH’. 

Download the game from the link below: 

Bonus Game – City Racing 3D

Bonus Game 2 – Mini Motor Racing

  • Portal Knights:

Explore the adventure, and be the eventual Portal Knight!\

It is a 3D sandbox survival action role-playing game developed by Keen Games. 

The game will take you to an unknown world where you will be involved in a real-time tactical fighting game to eliminate enemies. 

You can travel through different islands to collect the needful resources and materials. You can even build your own home with the material you have gathered. 

Form a team, and experience the game with your friends on the same Wi-Fi network.

The game is offered by ‘505 Games Srl’. 

Download the game from the link below: 

Bonus Game – Reincarnated Souls

  • Zombie Combat Simulator:

It is a third-person offline shooting game featuring the Sandbox Mode. 

The mode allows you to create as many units as you can at any location, and take calls on the weapons and damage resistance.

The gameplay involves an interesting plot where it offers you to redefine the rules of the game. This includes the Unit Spawn System that can spawn enemies on its own. In addition to this, you can alter the time limit and circumstances of the victory and defeat. 

Get ready to explore the ‘Zombie Combat Simulator mobile game offered by ‘Airblade Studio’.

Download the game from the link below: 

  • Hit The Plane – Bluetooth game:

Fly the plane, and experience the battle in the sky. 

Hit The Plane is a plane fighting game that incorporates a variety of different planes. The interesting thing about the game is that it supports local multiplayer where 2 players can connect via Bluetooth to play this game. 

The game encompasses multiple levels and each level will serve you a different experience. Moreover, you can enjoy the game in any aspect ratio. 

The game is presented by ‘Servalstar’. The download of the game is given below: 

  • Local Warfare: NU:

Local Warfare (NU) is a multiplayer first-person shooting game created and developed by True Gamers. 

The stunning graphics and spectacular animation will amaze you extraordinarily. 

The game features weapons, attachments, and special powers that can be earned through accomplishing battle tasks.  

The battle game is empowered with some Tactical abilities to provide a rich experience to the gaming users. 

There are many more things awaiting you that you will see when you explore the game. 

The game is provided by ‘Dazad’. 

The download link is mentioned below: 

  • The Heist top-down:

Explore the online & offline multiplayer mobile shooting game provided by ‘Werewolves’. 

The game supports multiple gaming modes including Online Multiplayer, local multiplayer, and single-player mode. The survival mode will be added to the list very soon. 

Showcase your shooting skills to reach the top spot on the global leaderboard. 

The gameplay involves a lot of levels and team missions to provide the ultimate shooting experience. 

Some more updates are on the way. So, stay tuned with us. 

The download of the game is given below: 

Bonus Game – Fling Fighters:

  • Puppet Fighter: 2 Players Ragd:

Puppet fighter is a mobile fighting game suitable for both android and iOS platforms. 

The game involves a modern world that incorporates an intertemporal portal. This enables people from different times to roam freely. 

The different gaming modes, Excellent graphics, and physics elements will certainly turn up the excitement of the game. 

Enjoy the Puppet Fighter game introduced by ‘Stand By Games. 

The download link is given below: 

  • Local Warfare Re: Portable:

The Local Warfare Re: Portable is an offline multiplayer first-person shooting game. Commonly known as LWRP. 

The gameplay features include:

Multiplayer: Up to 30 players can play at a time. 

Mode: The game supports PvP and PvE gaming modes.

Levels: The game is composed of 5 difficulty levels to enhance your gaming skills. 

Others: Realistic Animation, Amazing Graphics, and Run Smoothly. 

LWRP is just not like a regular mobile game because it enables the players to create their own room to join other players via LAN. 

It is offered and provided by ‘Dazad’. 

You can download the game from the link below:

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