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1. Raft Survival: Desert Nomad – Simulator 

I rank Raft Survival on the top 10 android & ios games. It is one of the best free survival online games in which you play as a single survivor. as a player, you will be trapped in a vast area of desert sand oceans and your only objective is to survive on the raft that floats in the air. Do anything in this game to protect yourself from malnutrition and dehydration. In this game, you have to protect yourself from desert monsters. Watch the indicator of health, hunger, thirst, and look for other survivors. It is a survival game simulator where you have to collect useful resources to improve buildings, and craft various armor and weapons to protect yourself from intruders.


2. Police Sim 2022

I rank Police Sim 2022, the second number on the top 10 android & ios games. In this game, you have to patrol the streets and have to become the ultimate Police officer. This new game offers you big cities to explore. You can use countless vehicles. There are several types of missions in this game. You can drive the open world in maps or get out of the car to control your officer and have fun in our ultimate police simulator game. In this game, the chase mission is one of the most exhilarating driving experiences. In a chase mission, you have to chase and hit the suspect’s car until you get to arrest him. If you enjoy giving out tickets, try the parking and radar mission. there are many other types of missions so download this game and enjoy the journey.


3. Game Of Physics

I rank Game Of Physics, the third number on the top 10 android & ios games. Imagine that your whole textbook was a game, this game will help you to become a master of subjects by just playing it. This game’s aim is to utilize the fact that people of the world play games a lot. To convert it into a productive venture this game will open the doors for the education system. The game encourages everyone to learn by playing.


4. Mission:Berlin

I rank Mission: Berlin, the fourth number on the top 10 android & ios games. In this game, you will play as the CIA’S finest agent. This is KGB’s best new 3d multiplayer action-based game which is based on an adventure game. You chose your spy and complete the top-secret missions. Once your mission is complete you use points to upgrade your spy’s abilities. You can record or share your gameplay as you wish. This game has high graphic quality and audio quality.


5. FGB Operators

I rank FGB Operators, the fifth number on the top 10 android & ios games This game has two modes special operations mode and survival mode. In special operations mode, you have 14 unique single-player missions. It has tactical battles which make players happier than other games. This game has excellent graphics and music. In survival mode, there are currently 5 maps available to play. Here you get endless waves of opponents which makes this game fun to play. Survival mode also has elite weapons, air support, dynamic battles.
That is why you should be ready for battle and have fun.


6. BattleStrike Gun Shooting Game

I rank BattleStrike, the sixth number on the top 10 android & ios games. BattleStrike Gun Shooting Game has fighting Beyond your imagination. You will enjoy action-packed shooting games with streamlined missions. In this game, One-on-one combat levels are designed exclusively for ultimate fighting. While playing this game you will determine, you will be dmiriti a young boy who turns soldier, fights alone against an invader army. This is just the beginning of this endless war. You have to destroy the enemy with the latest guns and weapons with a variety of customizable options. You wear different guns with different skins and outfits via in-app purchase.

If you earn achievements you will have greater firepower. Do Ambush Attacks where you have to create strategies of surprise assaults or use generades during an ambush. Try to choose city streets warfare where you have a wave of the army of enemies to crush and let them taste the worst defeat ever. It has high graphics for the next-generation battleground. Feel exotic when you hear its 3d sound effects. Therefore you should not wait and download this game without wasting your time.


7. Burning Dead

I rank Burning , the seventh number on the top 10 android & ios games. Burning Dead is the game where you have to survive in the forest and mountains which are full of zombies. In this game, your mission is to rescue your daughter to become a hero. Try to overcome zombies’ hordes attack! According to me, the forest is not safe. Climb huge mountains and jump cliffs on your way to salvation. There will be dangerous fires and spectacular storms that will take your breath away. Use pistols, shotguns, machine guns, crossbows, and even grenades to survive. while playing this game you will get a fully immersive 3d environment. Therefore you should download this game as you will get unlimited action in this game.


8. Pure Sniper: City Gun Shooting

I rank Pure Sniper, the eighth number on the top 10 android & ios games. The game is an exciting and realistic sniper urself against your enemies in this combat mission sniping game. It is an epic game because it has many missions. In a sniper main campaign, have to eliminate targets in many cities around the world. Gun range competition, you have to show your gun shooting skills to kill targets from any range. In hostage rescues, you have to help helpless hostages. You will be able to play with many types of guns after unlocking different levels. In conclusion, this game is awesome you should play it once.


9. NoSurrender : The War

NoSurrender : The War

I rank NoSurrender, the ninth number on the top 10 android & ios games. In this game, you can become a Machine gunner, and fire million of bullets on evil. If you like war games or fps games you should download this game for free. You can play single-player campaign missions with different modes anytime and anywhere. You will have various missions and unique modes which will make this game more exciting. The feature of this game is that it has hyper-realistic 3D graphics and cool animations. While playing this game you will get the biggest and baddest Weapons to play. Therefore you should download this game.


10. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

I rank Alien Isolation last on the top 10 android & ios games. This game is inspired by the 1979 film’ALIEN’.It is a survival horror game. Stunning AAA visuals you will be able to see when you play this game, you have to run, hide and survive using a redesigned interface, offering total touch screen control and full customization options. If you want you can resize and reposition on-screen buttons and joysticks, or play with a gamepad or any android compatible mouse & keyboard. You can explore Sevastopol station and find hidden resources. Craft items and tech to improvise weapons and deterrents against the ultimate threat. To evade aliens for the hunt you have to make calculated moves and use your environment from crawling through ventilation ducts to hiding in the shadows. In conclusion, I want to say you will be amazed by this game.


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