DEAD SPACE Mobile Game for Android Download & Gameplay 2023

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DEAD SPACE Mobile Game for Android Download & Gameplay 2023

Dead Space is an action survival mobile game available for the android audience. The game was initially launched in 2011 by Electronic Arts, a leading video game company based in the United States. They have more than 50 apps under their belt and are regarded as a prominent name in the gaming world. ‘Need for Speed’ is one of the highly installed games offered by EA. 

Dead Space is designed and developed by the Australian Company IronMonkey Studios’. The game is a series that showcases the ‘Necromorph’ Eruption which is transmissible by way of ‘Titan Sprawl’, A space station constructed using the particles of Titan that include Saturn’s moon and the site of the first planet slit. 

The game has recently received an updated version that is embraced with high-tech functionalities, which led this game to become the talk of the town. The mobile version of this game is equally amazing as that of the PC and Consoles. 

Dead Space is like a fine wine because even after so many years of its origin, the game is still popular among gaming lovers. 

Dead Space gameplay involves the leading character ‘Vandal’, who explores different territories to fight against the Necromorphs. Vandal is a woman who is known to be ‘Karrie Norton’. She is told to devastate the electric boxes and break off the communication of some parts of the space station. The moment she does that, she gets detained by a bunch of Necromorphs and she gets asked to leave. 

The plot of the game involves ‘Unitology’, A religion that is formed on the basis of the findings of Micheal Altman. He was the one who introduced the existence of the Alien to Humans. Unitologists conceived that Humans were created by the art of the Alien Agency, and will get assembled in heaven after death. 

It is an open-world game where the player can move freely, and can interact with objects as well. You need to gather resources and gadgets that are pretty similar to the original game. As Vandal goes through different segments of the sprawl, She will acquire different weapons to fight against the brutal enemies. The Plasma Saw and Cutter are the weapons gained by the Vandal. Artillery guns and firearms she will receive later on in the game. She will get a total of 5 weapons throughout the entire game.

As the game proceeds further, The Unitologist Chief said that the Necromorphs have been released on the space station by Vandal’s activity. Vandal assures the Sprawl’s Director ‘Hans Tiedemann’ to help him, but he asks Vandal to halt the excessive heating core of the Sprawl. Vandal somehow loses the connection with Tidemann, therefore she leaves with an audio log for him. Get ready to explore the game to know what happened next. 

Dead Space involves some breathtaking visual scenes and high-tech graphics to provide a rich experience to all gaming lovers. 

It is a single-player offline game. You do not need to have an internet connection to play this game. But, The sad part is, Dead Space is no longer available on the google play store. The publishers (EA) have not created the updated versions of this game for the android platform. But, you can download the game from a third-party website to explore the horror world of Dead Space. The download link is here:

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