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Download Project RushB New Action Game for Android 2022

Project RushB (Early Access is an action game which is developed by Laser Edge Studios. The core game mode of Project RushB is Bomb Defusal, a 5v5 hero-based tactical FPS. TBT has now added Project RushB. Choose your favorite hero and prepare to join the battlefield. Project RushB is a fast-paced bomb-defuse game and matches usually last 15 minutes. You have to pick up your phone and then join this game. So many easy controls. This game has graphics of high quality. The sound quality is also good. Players were waiting for this game for a long time.

Download Project RushB  New Action Game for Android 2022

There is a large number of playable heroes in Project RushB. All with a unique set of three skills that enhance the tactics without ruining the game. The players are divided into two teams of five, and they have to plant & defuse the bomb as a team. Teams will win by winning seven out of thirteen rounds. Your tactics will influence every aspect of your game, from heroes and skills to teamwork. The goal of Project RushB is to provide almost a film of visuals to entertain.
The photo-realistic graphics, detailed characters. And diverse weapon design of the self-developed mobile engine provides an awe-inspiring experience. Immerse yourself in the striking world of Project RushB.

The gameplay of Project RushB

Since the release, I’ve been playing it. Even for phones that aren’t as upgraded for gaming, graphics are still amazing.
The controls are extensive and easy to use. A very immersive competition mode allows every mobile rank player to enjoy the game

Additional Information

This was the latest update on 26 April 2022. Currently, this game has 1,000 + installs which shows that this game will become popular in just a few days of release.
It supports all andoid versions. you can also play this game on tablets.


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