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Fading City Netease | Last of Us Mobile

Hello my Freinds in today’s post I will be telling you about Fading City Netease | Last of Us Mobile. This game is quite interesting and very popular with the young generation. Therefore we should start our journey

Fading City Netease | Last of Us Mobile

The open-world survival mobile game Known as Fading City was developed by NetEase Games, Seven Studio using Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). The game has a wasteland theme that supports 2-4 online players. Weidu is a place from where the story starts. Despite struggling to survive in the blue fog, people could not escape the particles of blue. There is the freedom to explore the ruins of a city, collect supplies, craft weapons, solve puzzles, and fight against zombies.

It is also possible to build underground shelters against the zombie invasion.
A sudden mist enveloped the city named Weidu. In this game, you have to Bring a team together to fight the zombies and discover the untold truth. We can customize weapons and firearms to achieve different combat effects. Fighting zombies is awesome therefore you should choose the various methods which are stealth assassination, traps. The game has good graphics and awesome sound quality.

Different combat effects can be achieved by customizing firearms and weapons. Instead of shooting, you can also try out other methods such as stealth assassination, trap making, and collaboration when fighting zombies.

It is hard to survive even with 50 zombies on your team. It is also possible to set fire to high-risk zombies that are nearly the size of a building. This game has huge potential to make players excited while playing, therefore you should check this game

PUBLISHER Netease Games Global
REQUIRED ANDROID Varies with device




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