GTA 4 Like Fan-Made Game for Android 2023 – Download & Gameplay

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  • The Last Of Us Mobile BETA:

The Last Of Us Mobile BETA is a fan-made game designed and developed with the ‘Unity Real-Time Development Platform’. 

The creator of Resident Evil 2 Fan Made Game has designed this game. 

‘The Last of Us’ is a play station game for PS3 and PS4 users presented by ‘SONY Interactive Entertainment’. The game is the perfect fusion of action, adventure, horror, and survival that is created by Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

The gameplay displays the world that has been destroyed by the cannibal creatures. 

Get ready to experience the utmost horror, thrilling, and dramatic experience with the beta version of ‘The Last of Us’. 

The download link is below: 

  • The Last Of Us Mobile Fan Made:

This is again the fan-made version of the PS Game ‘The Last of Us’. 

The original game has a tremendous fan following already. It is fairly impossible to have such a game embraced with advanced capabilities. But, the fan-made version will also give you some sort of cinematic and vivid experience. 

Since it is a fan-made game. So, might face certain issues like forceful close, bugs, and glitches. 

The gameplay is corporated with 2 different playable characters. In the initial level, you will be seen to survive with your daughter from zombie atrocities. 

If you have played the original PC game, then you will witness the same elements & story from the fan-made version as well. 

To download link of the fan-made game is given below: 

  • GTA IV Mobile:

GTA IV Mobile is a fan-made mobile game for android users. GTA IV is the sixth main edition and overall eleventh of the GTA Series Game. 

The original game was launched by ‘Rockstar Games’. It broke all records by selling 6 million copies in the initial days of its launch. 

The gameplay involves action, adventure, fighting, gangsters, missions, and much more exciting stuff. 

In addition to this, The player can earn money as well by accomplishing certain tasks. 

Get on an exciting journey to explore the fan-made version of Grand Theft Auto IV. 

The fan-made version is developed by ‘Freaky’. 

The download link is given below: 

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