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Hisashi Koinuma definitely is the producer. And Tomoyuki Kitamura essentially is the director of this game. Attack On Titan Game literally was under development for a really long time. As Kitamura for all intents and purposes wants very easy controls for fans. Basically contrary to popular belief developers particularly make this game so really much competitive. Because they mostly want players to use their definitely the best strategy, which is quite significant. Kou Shibusawa specifically is uninvolved in the development of this game. But he knows that players will love team efforts for all intents.

Attack On Titan Gameplay

This game has 10 playable characters. Like Eren,Milkasa, Armin,jean,Connie,sasha,christa,levi,Hange, and erwin.
In this game, players will be assigned main story missions with the other characters. These characters are available for replay or optional Survey missions as they are unlocked.


The Attack Mode includes 25 story missions spread between an event with three chapters. And an epilogue covering the first season and a half of the anime. The player must play as the assigned character the first time through an Attack Mode mission. Although this makes little sense from the standpoint of the story, the player can still use any unlocked character on replaying the mission. The player unlocks the true Attack Mode after completing all the missions in Attack Mode. The difficulty settings no longer have an effect, and the difficulty level is significantly higher than in the regular Attack Mode. Titans have greater health and are more aggressive. Therefore you should use your best strategy to defeat them.

In this game chapter, 1 covers The struggle for the Trost arc.

In chapter two, Levi and the Scout Regiment are on a mission outside the walls before returning to Trost.

The last chapter, chapter 3 covers The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission arc and Assault on Stohess arc.

Equipment  That you will use in Attack On Titan


Blades are players’ primary weapons which you can use so that players can kill titans. Tons of blades are available. In this game, the blade is rated by its sharpness(damage level), Blade length(how far the can blade damage), and Blade durability(how many attacks it can do). Some examples of blades are training Blade, Rozen Rapier, etc.

Scabbards and canisters

Scabbards and canisters are part of the player’s omnidirectional mobility gear in this game. There are many Scabbards and canisters like the training scabbard, Rozen Wing, etc.

Omnidirectional Mobility Gear

Omnidirectional Mobility Gear is the player’s three-dimensional movement in Attack on Titan. This equipment is rated by its reel Speed(how fast can player is pulled into titian), Anchor Range(how far away a player can grapple a target). Some of them are training Gear, Rozen chest, etc.


Warhorses are players’ only ground transportation that we can use in an attack on titan.


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Game Play

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