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Project: Bloodstrike Game for Android

Project: Bloodstrike Game for Android

‘Project: BloodStrike’ is a roguelike battle royale game for mobile devices. You can create endless playstyles with multiple upgrade mods. Build your core tactical set by selecting Operators with unique abilities. You can collect money on the battlefield to buy weapons or even revive your teammates! However, the ultimate goal remains to survive to the end. You can use cash to improve your strength or even revive your teammates to beat the opponents. Unlimited revival chances until one player on your team are alive in the game. There is a wide range of weapons available in this game. The mechanism of the weapons is fascinating. and you will enjoy every moment when you shoot a bullet. To win this game you must use your best tactical skills to defeat the enemies.

An exciting experience with 3D graphics and sound, as well as voice and text chat with your friends. Now you can play this legendary franchise on your mobile. You can play this FPS anywhere. Each season, Project: Bloodstrike releases new game modes. And maps themed events, and rewards so you never get bored when you play this game. Seasons of Project: Bloodstrike expands the story and adds new unlockable content for all to enjoy.

Battle Royale’s fan-favorite map is back! There are dozens of points of interest to deploy to, so the possibilities for survival are endless and you will enjoy it more. Observe the chaos above the Stadium, battle through the frigid battleground of the Dam, and plan your aerial escape. And win a duel for a second chance at survival.


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