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Top 10 Android Games Of The 3 Week February

Hello Freinds In today’s post I will be telling you about the Top 10 Android Games Of The 3 Week February. So be seated and read till last.

1: Circle


The circle is a game which is a strategy game developed by game. In this game, you will be living on the blue planet. Under the pressure situation, Our players and their friends have developed science and technology in a short period of time so that human civilizations can live on other planets. In this game, you have to build various space stations, train powerful mecha Troops to defeat Alien Creature. Use your tactics to develop the economy and technology. Various methods have to be used to flourish your base and protect your people.


2: Race Max Pro – Car Racing

Race Max Pro - Car Racing

Race Max Pro is a racing game which is developed by Tiramisu. This game has lots of cars to test on the track. You can use nitro to drive your car fast. Lots of upgrades are available so that you can make your car competitive. There are three types of races Street Race, Drift Race, and drag race. If you want you can also change your car color according to your wish. Earn lots of rewards by completing the other players.


3: Velocity Rush : Z

Velocity Rush : Z

Velocity Rush: Z id the Action game which is 1Car2Wills. This game is a first shooter game where you can Vault, Climb, Wallrun, slide, and shoot mercenaries and zombies. You can watch Bullet time (Slowmo) in this game. Lots of guns and classes are there to choose from. Gadgets like grenades and grappling hooks are available to make players more competitive against enemies. Day or night mode is available. Lots of enemies with different types are there to make the mission more difficult. Helicopter airdrops and chases events are available.




Bandai Namco Entertainment develops the My Hero Ultra Impact game. It supports explosive battle RPG with heroes and villains you know and loves. Use your hero’s iconic Quirks and let them shine so that you can see the difference in other games compared to over. You will get a casual 3-on-3 Quirk battle with your trained heroes and fierce opponents. Now it’s your turn to develop your favorite heroes’Quirks. Test your skills in the ultra arena.


5: Dungeon Legends 2 – RPG Game

Dungeon Legends 2 - RPG Game

Dungeon Legends 2- RPG is a Role-Playing Game developed by Wizard Games. This game is an addictive RPG. Dungeon Crawler With high graphics allows players to enter the fictional world of monsters. This game has 16 hours of gameplay where you have to show your skills to conquer the dungeons. Classic plot and road are available so that you can connect with the underworld. Enemies spawn randomly(Enemies are of 30 types). The atmosphere of the game is dark which makes it addictive. You can upgrade your character in strength, dexterity, magic, endurance. Quests are interesting which you can solve. Therefore you should play this game.


6: Traha Infinity

Traha Infinity

Traha Infinity is a role-playing game developed by MOI GAMES CORPORATION. Traha Infinity is the official sequel to Traha, which has already attracted 4.2 million pre-orders. It contains the worldview, story, background, and topography of Traha 200 years ago, and it is a spin-off work optimized for mobile devices. With the full 3D high-end graphic quality and the mobile-optimized progress system, users can explore the blood-colored Listania continent.


7: Battel Mobile Bangladesh UE4

Battel Mobile Bangladesh UE4

Battel Mobile Bangladesh UE4 is an action game developed by Stroyed Developer. This game is a TPP Shooting Game. You have to shoot lava monsters to get rid of them. It has amazing Realistic Graphics. This game is under development therefore we have less information about this game.


8: Attack on Titan Brave Order

Brave Order is a role-playing game developed by enish Inc. In this game, you have to join the investigation corps with Ellen and Mikasa and comfort the might gaint. Supports real-time command battle where one person or up to four people can join. This game has Anime characters like Ellen, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, etc to make players excited. Battles and training are easy so you can practice well before going to a real fight. The sound quality is good as the Voice of characters are from anime characters.


9: Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a strategy game developed by Warner Bros.International Enterprises. In this game, you have to master powerful magic spells and charms from argument to Wingardium Leviosa. Unleash powerful artifacts like the monster Book of monster to aid you in PvP brawls and PvE challenges. The story of this game is quite interesting as you will experience the same scenes of the movie. You will see the characters like Cassandra, Gossamer, and more. According to your wish, you can customize your own wizard or witch. Explore and socialize with other Wizards so you can chat with real-time players. This game supports multiplayer games too.


10: Project Stars

Project Stars is an adventure game which is developed by xiao jiao zhang. In this game, there is lots of character to play with them. according to your wish, you can choose a male or female character. You can change characters’ eyelashes, Pupil, Lip Gloss, Beard, and Ornamentation according to your need. You can also change your helmet, clothes colors. Change spaceship according to your need. Game scenes are best as Spacecraft traveling in Apollo Galaxy will throw you out of spacecraft to the unknown planet.


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