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Top 10 Best Action & Adventure High Graphics Games For Android of 2022

Hello, friends in today’s post I will be telling you about the Top 10 Best Action & Adventure High Graphics Games For Android of 2022.

1: Boxing Star: KO Master

Boxing Star: KO Master is a boxing game developed by Majamojo. Here you fight for fame, power, and wealth. This game begins with street battles. You can become a pro by playing story mode. The graphics and gameplay are good. You will fall in love playing this game. This game is very challenging. You must protect yourself from upgrading Doge’s skills and defeating opponents with Mega Punch. There are many characters that you can unlock. Winning is the only motive of this game. That’s why you need to use your skills as best as possible to win.


2: Outland Odyssey: Action RPG

Outland Odyssey is a game developed by Project Seed. This game has immersive graphics. When you play the game you will lose yourself in the action-packed adventure world. Your journey begins at the West Bar. Explore huge and unique locations. The story of this game is inspiring. The people of Avoria still have hope that their homes can be saved and that you are the only one who can save their homes. The cinematic images are impressive. The game has 3D images. You can create a powerful team to help you win the game.


3: Rogue Company Elite

Hi-Rez Studios developed Rogue Company Elite for players to enjoy their free time. This game is a third-person shooter game where you will be amazed by the graphics of this game. The sound quality is also good. There are weapons that you can use to kill your enemy. You can also use grenades etc. to win this game. There are lot of characters that you can choose from in this game. The costumes of these characters are very beautiful. If you want to kill an enemy from a long distance, you can use sniper rifles. Only the beta test is currently available, so you will have to wait for the full version.


4: Hurry-Scurry

Join the big race with really big racers, crazy obstacles, wild locations and lots of crazy cartoons. While your character may not have the traditional athletic physique,. If you can maneuver your impressive bulk through the maze of obstacles, leap out of the way of your equally sized competitors. And you can cross the finish line first. You can also rack up the pounds on the podium and win an amazing race in this fun, addictive and surprisingly challenging racing game. With its landscape mode and simple on-screen gamepad, Rush-Scurry is a game anyone can play. If necessary, point your character in the right direction and jump. Doesn’t it sound easy? Steeplechase is much more than that. A great multiplayer game like Fall Guys and Rush Scurry requires you to control your character and cross the finish line before the other players.

5: Phantom Blade Executioners

SOUL GAME LIMITED has developed Phantom Blade: Executioners. You have to make different and difficult decisions to change the course of events. Players can create different combinations of skill chains during battle. Abilities like long chains, short bursts and others can be easily adjusted. Timing is important to unleash ability chains, and you can stack Phantom Bonuses on each of your character’s unique abilities to enhance them. You can earn equipment and phantoms after winning battles. Gear attributes can be mixed and matched depending on the player’s playstyle and aesthetics.



6: Sniper vs Meteorite

Sniper vs Meteorite was developed by Hui Tan. The meteorite has fallen in the endless desert and you are the only hope to protect the people. Some National Guard soldiers were sent there for military operations but lost contact. Now is your time to protect all citizens. The graphics of this game are ultra realistic 3D graphics. The controls of the game are very simple, which helps players to become professional players easily. There are 30 challenging levels. You’ll need to upgrade weapons from time to time as zombies become powerful level by level.


7: John Hero

John Hero is game developed by the Superhero Academy. In this game you play a fictional character, John, a mercenary. With the superhuman ability of regeneration and physical strength. As you fight enemies you can unlock and use your superhero ability to defeat them. You will start your gaming career in a crime city. There are many crime bosses in this crime city. You must defeat them to protect your city. If you also want to fight on the street you can. Melee attacks in this game are amazing and you can use them against bosses. Weapons are available as pistols, and katana.


8: Dead Clade Rising

Dead Clade Rising is game developed by Krypton Mutual Entertainment. In this game you fight zombies. Zombies get more difficult from level to level. Therefore, you must use your best tactics to defeat them. You can also kill another bounty hunter. . In order to improve yourself, you need to kill your enemies in a limited time. You can buy more powerful weapons. There are tons of weapons available. You can customize the weapons to suit the needs of your mission. The graphics of this game are good. The audio quality is fantastic. The game controls are very comfortable and you will fall in love with this game.

9: Respawn Kingdom : Team Shooter

Respawn Kingdom: Team Shooter was developed by FoxForce Games. This is a fast-paced online hero shooter game. It’s inspired by games like TF2, ow and similar ones. It is online and in an offline game mode. So there is no problem even if your internet is not working. I love the graphics of this game, it is based on cartoon graphics. Sticky bombs, grappling hooks, jetpacks, and melee attacks are all available in this game, making it even more entertaining. There are 5 characters in this game that you can choose between a gunslinger, stealth goblin, sniper or medic.


10. NewDawn

New Dawan is an open-world game. You must collect everything to upgrade yourself. Look for food or you will die in no time. Believe me, you will be amazed by the graphics and gameplay. This game has a multiplayer mode where you can add 7 players. Team up with that player and upgrade yourself as fast as possible. In this game, you have to build and hunt to survive.


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