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Top 10 New Android Games 2022, Play These Games if You are Bored

Hello Freinds in today’s post I will be telling you about the top 10 New Android Games.

1: Project: Island

With the melting of the polar ice caps, the continents will gradually become submerged under the ocean and separated into islands as a result. This new world called Islands World must be adapted by the survivors. Having drifted on the ocean in an escape raft, you wash ashore on a desolate island. Berries will fill your starving belly. Collect sticks and stones in order to make the most primitive stone axe. For the next two days, the meat of the attacking boar should be preserved as food.


2: Project 56

Project 56 Game for Android Devices

Project 56 is a game developed by Netease Games Global. The game Project 56 takes players to a place in a post-apocalyptic world. Find resources and trade your way to riches. Post-apocalyptic survival begins with building your shelter. Will you go out with guns blazing or stealthily? Do you want to be armed to the teeth or hold back? Depending on the tactic, it can be a matter of life and death! The loot is not yours until you make it out alive if you die in battle. There are thousands of possibilities when it comes to realistic mods and full customization.


3: Horizon Chase 2

Horizon Chase 2 is the next evolution of the award-winning racing franchise. Featuring immersive and high-speed gameplay, this arcade-style game will satisfy your senses. Arcade racing has been brought back to life in a completely modern and evolved way. Don’t forget to bring your crew to the race! With online chases, you can play every game mode with your friends. Join a crew to progress together or compete head-to-head with players around the world.


4: Hero Z TPS

In this TPS game, players control Archer, a hero who battles mutant creatures in a doomsday world. By using advanced weapons, players can strengthen their talents, evolve pets, and finally challenge the ultimate BOSS.


5: Time Raiders

Battle undead creatures and ghosts with a trustworthy team. Battle undead enemies, uncover hidden treasures, and authenticate them using your unique sight. It is the best equipment that determines whether you win or lose. Which weapon will you use?


6: Car S: Parking Simulator Games

Car S: 3D Car Parking & Driving & Cars Racing & Race Games & Drift Game & Car Simulator Games. Play the open-world free car game Open City Online and own the best cars! Feel the fun in your bones with this driving simulator game! We have compiled everything a car game enthusiast needs in one place. Drive carefully in traffic!

MODEonline – offline

7: Modern FPS Military Strike

Welcome to the new fps army shooting game with single-player commando missions. Play the new commando soldier shooter game 2022 with many gangster strike games. This frontline commando action game has vivid graphics and a melodic storyline that will make your action game more thrilling than this fps anti-terrorist game. This modern shooter will take you on a new mission of fun.


8: Air To Air: Jet Shooter

A dogfight is a close-range aerial battle between fighter aircraft. Take control of a fifth-generation fighter jet and enter the cockpit. Escape the missile attack by ejecting flares. Air-to-air missiles, air-to-land missiles, fire the machine gun.


9: Fields of Battle 2

Fields of Battle 2 is a game which is developed by Super X Studios LLC. Here you will be fighting with other players in a match. The last one that stands in this game is the winning team or a person. The graphics of this game are pretty interesting and you will fall in love when you play this game.


10: CRSED Mobile

With melee weapons, firearms, magical rituals, and supernatural powers, CRSED Mobile is a brutal online shooter. Each champion has impressive superpowers, like slowing down time or turning into a beast. The most picturesque corners of the earth. You can fight alone or with friends. Realistic guns are the easiest way to take out enemies but don’t forget to use magic to your advantage. Using your own extraordinary power, you can draw seals with your blood, perform ancient rituals, and throw hex bags pouches at your enemies. Set traps, summon zombies, flood the map, or darken the sun to escape a fight. To pay for magic in CRSED, you must first collect the souls of sinners by killing enemies.


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