Top 10 NEW Android Games of March 2022

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This list is created out of just a preliminary idea of what I think you guys would like. What do you think of these games? Let me know in the comments if you want me to keep going. If you want to see some more Android games, check this out too. It might give you some ideas for games to go through in the future.

1) DEAD TRIANGLE: Zombie Games

DEAD TRIANGLE: Zombie Games For Android Download & Gameplay

Dead Triangle: Zombie Games is an action game developed by Running Zombie games. This game is 1 in my Top 10 NEW Android Games list. When you start this game you will find out that you are in a dangerous town. This town is occupied by Zombies, and your daughter is missing this town. Now you have to find and save your daughter so that you can win this game. On the way to finding your daughter you will encounter all kinds of zombies, you have to defeat them so that you can get gold coins and DNA. Tons of weapons are available like MP5, AK47, M60,98k which you can use to kill zombies. Shotgun in this game most attractive weapon which you can use to counter zombies.


2: T3 Arena

T3 Arena New Android Game Download & Gameplay

T3 Arena is a game which is developed by XD Entertainment PTE.LTD. It is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn 3v3 shooter game. You have to team up with your friends and charge into battle from your mobile device anytime, anywhere!
Tons of unique heroes and exciting game modes are available so that you can win this game. Across the globe, powerful factions and alliances have answered the call of the T3 Arena. For fame, fortune, and priceless T-Crystals, they compete. You’re sure to find a hero that fits your style, from rock stars to military veterans to mysterious hackers. Claim your place as the true star of the competition by switching out their skins!




Pipe Head Story is an action game which is developed by Linked Squad. In this game you are on duty in the exclusion zone, an unknown stalker contacts you on your radio, asking for your help. He is stuck in a bunker with no light and no air, only radiation, and hungry monsters. Make sure he gets out as soon as possible and finds out what he was doing there. In this game 3D action with a first-person view. Realistic graphics makes your game more attractive. The story of this game is original and horror.


4: Team Kart Fortress TF2 Mobile

Team Kart Fortress TF2 Mobile

Team Kart Fortress TF2 Mobile is a racing game which is developed by Lobby Games. This game is a racing game where you have to select characters and vehicles to participate in the race to find the first to finish. You will be playing against the machine or people. Vehicles examples are broomsticks, skateboards, motorcycles. The maps in this game are quite interesting.


5: Argosy Space Adventure

Argosy Space Adventure

Argosy Space Adventure is an action game which is developed by Argosy Space Adventure. Argosy is a spaceship that was in its full glory, now under the control of a person who I and you wouldn’t mind fighting. Explore the spaceship to find hidden rooms that contain goods to help you on your journey, slay your enemies, and progress to discover more areas of the spaceship. One of your secondary weapons to be OP (Overpowered).


6: Teetiny


Teetiny is a role-playing game which is developed by Smilegate Megaport. This game features Freely Changeable classes. You can cooperate with others so that you can compete against players. Unique-themed decorations for inside and outside are available. Collect Guardian spirits that accompany you into battle and beat your opponent.


7: Pumped BMX Flow

Pumped BMX Flow

Pumped BMX Flow is a sports game which is developed by Yeah Us! Ltd. Pumped BMX Flow, based on the global success of the Pumped BMX series, is a new FREE game that challenges you to complete challenges and smash high scores. You can spend your winnings to unlock wild levels, stunning bikes, or fresh characters. Now, in Pumped BMX, you can ride FOREVER – the jumps keep going as long as you do! Gain credit to unlock more level packs, adding crazy obstacles to your runs


8: Shootout training

Shootout training

Shootout Training is a game which is developed by Sleeping Shark Studio. This is a first-person shooter game. Shootout Training features a variety of game modes in the game. This game is made by one person after work, the game is still in the early stage, please support and encourage more players. For more information, you should play this game.


9: Be a Pro-Football

Be a Pro-Football

Be a Pro-Football is a Sports game that’s developed by Studio Trois Private Limited. The most instigative soccer game on your mobile with the most instigative league, join the realistic PVP quick matches in real-time! Play against players with your dream platoon. Ameliorate your chops to be stylish in the world. In this game, you will be feeling like you are bringing the true spirit of soccer to life! Attack and defend in quick games. This is the stylish soccer game on your phone! Thus you should play it formerly.


10: Battlefield™


In the game, your group will play NEW MAPS maps new and familiar and layout new weapons gadgets, and fight for control of powerful vehicles like tanks and ATVs. And you have to keep adding the combat capabilities all the time, giving you the capability of mass warfare. Witness the wild situations and explosive specs that Battlefield is notorious for. Drive your ATV and go near and destroy the enemies and in the game, you get deadly weapons like rockets.


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