Top 10 New Android Games Of The Month November 2022

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1: Absolute Talent: Survival RPG

Absolute Talent: Survival RPG

In The Mysterious Island, we are stranded on a desert island that isn’t desert at all. Download the first game of Top 10 New Android Games Of The Month in November 2022. Upon gathering raw materials and other necessary items, we discover some really creepy dudes hiding in the bushes. The natives turn out to be hostile, so we need shelter and to increase our chosen talent until it is absolute. As we gather wood and stones, we build and prepare to fight back.


2: Mortal Kombat Onslaught

Mortal Kombat Onslaught

Mortal Kombat has locked the realms for eons. Darkness and light have fought epic battles, and blood has been shed. You are now being called upon by the Elder Gods to join the fight. A brand-new RPG experience filled with action-packed group battles immerses you in the visually stunning and over-the-top world of Mortal Kombat! Mortal Kombat: Onslaught features a new cinematic storyline where legends collide and unlikely alliances are forged. Defend your realms against a dark and dangerous villain by joining the fight today.


3: Backflip Road

Backflip Road

Backflip Road is a game which is developed by Alexander Bukharev. Currently, this game has 100+ downloads which show that this game will become popular in a very short time. Marketing Team tactics are very good and you will fall in love when you will play this game. You will be jumping from one land to another land so that you can win this game. There are tons of levels that you have to play to compete with your previous high scores. The graphics of the game is good and the background music is melodious.


4: Wilderness Jurassic Survival

In Savage Evolution Survival, you tame mounts and challenge prehistoric beasts. Not only can you cut down trees, mine, and build things in this game, but you can also tame and summon prehistoric animals to defend yourself against other beasts. You can tame a variety of mounts in the game to gallop across the entire prehistoric continent.


5: Horror peekaboo 3

The latest installment of the horror hide and seek series is Horror Hide and Seek 3. In addition to the asymmetric confrontation gameplay of the first and second generations, a new transformation puppet gameplay is added. They are bringing players a unique gaming experience. This game scene is larger and more realistic than the previous two generations of horror peekaboo games, and the highly infectious sound effects and art special effects heighten the atmosphere. In the game’s background story, there is a sense of mystery and intrigue. In order to highlight the sense of mystery, the art style adopts a dark color scheme. The game’s theme is highlighted by the carefully designed scene mechanism around peek-a-boo gameplay. Changing gameplay strategies and rich character choices make the game more memorable and durable.


6: DOOM DAYS: Fire Shooter

DOOM DAYS: Fire Shooter

Get ready for the new cool zombie game. A zombie apocalypse awaits you in this thrilling First Person Shooter (FPS) experience! Plan your approach for various battles. Defend the planet against zombies! A variety of gaming conflict situations and in-depth storylines. Different types of guns with their own unique ability are available in this game.


LAST SHOOTER: Apocalypse

LAST SHOOTER: Apocalypse

This game is based on a zombie theme. Here you will be fighting with zombies. therefore you should play this game at least once time to try new adventures.


7: Bus Simulator City Ride

Bus Simulator City Ride

Bus Simulator City Ride is a simulation game which is developed by Sir Studios. In this game, you will feel like a driver in Bus Simulator City Ride. Advanced AI in this game makes the experience the real world because you will get passenger feedback while driving. You will see new city Maps which are in high definition. According to game needs, you have to design your bus in your own unique way. You will experience a real atmosphere while driving the car. The vast open world is created so that you can test your own driving skills.


8: Dead Island: Survival RPG

Dead Island: Survival RPG

Dead Island: Survival RPG is a survival horror game. It is the second part of the Dead Island game. In Dead Island: Survival RPG, you have to explore a part of the sequel’s world and fight with multiple enemies with various movement patterns. You have access to both short and long-range weapons and various characters.

You have to make a team of up to eight players. Everyone has to kill the zombies together. You will get to see a lot of weapons that are used to kill zombies. It has a new-gen multiplayer experience. Dead Island: Survival RPG is an open-world game. the sport takes place in l. a., San Francisco, and an undisclosed third location in California, unlike the primary game which assailed the island of Banoi off the coast of Papua New Guinea. The game’s combat has different mechanics than its predecessors.


9: Restaurant Worker Simulator

Restaurant Worker Simulator

A restaurant worker simulator is a game where you will be playing as a worker whose main aim is to serve customers.
Lots of variety in food is available in this game therefore use your keen eye to know what food the customer is asking for. You will be getting money when you will be serving food. You will enjoy this game more compare to another game simulator.


10: Rogue Company Elite

Hi-Rez Studios developed Rogue Company Elite for players to enjoy their free time. This game is a third-person shooter game and you will be amazed by the graphics of this game. The sound quality is also good. There are weapons that you can use to kill your enemy. You can also use grenades etc. to win this game. There are a lot of characters that you can choose from in this game. The costumes of these characters are gorgeous. If you want to kill an enemy from a long distance, you can use sniper rifles. Only the beta test is currently available, so you will have to wait for the full version.

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