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Top 10 New Games For Android of December 2021 | High Graphics (Online/Offline)

In this article, I will explain about Top 10 New Games For Android of December 2021 | High Graphics (Online/Offline). Let’s start our journey

1: CrisisX Last Survival

CrisisX Last Survival

This is first in the Top 10 New Games For Android of December 2021. CrisisX – Last Survival Game is developed by HUNTER GAME. This game is full of adventure. While playing this game you will experience the new open-world survival action MMORPG. Currently, the beta version is available. In coastal town oakport sudden president activated alert nationally. It has been a few days since a mysterious spore infection wiped out most of the population, and the infection keeps spreading. After fleeing in panic, people realized they were in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, mutants and zombies roamed the streets, infrastructure was destroyed, and society had collapsed. When you fled into the wildness, you and your family were separated. As a result of this devastating doomsday, you are completely alone! Your only goal is to survive!


2: Ellen Sword

Ellen Sword

This is second in the Top 10 New Games For Android of December 2021. Ellen Sword is developed by GalaStudio.In this game, you will Fight against the strange animals that invaded the planet Namuk! While playing this game you can enjoy high graphics and its smooth gameplay. In this game there will be 5 levels, developers are adding new levels weekly. Secret news has been released that when the download reaches 10k developers will release it online multiplayer mode too.
Note- Minimum 2 GB RAM or 4GB RAM is required to play this game. This game currently works on mobile devices and tablets only. It requires Android 4.4 and up. The content rating score of this game is 3+.


3: PayDay Crime War CBT

PayDay Crime War CBT

This is third in the Top 10 New Games For Android of December 2021. PAYDAY: Crime WAR is developed by OVERKILL Software. This game is a multiplayer first-person shooter, where you will have to choose to become either a cop or a robber. Depending on which team you chose you will get goals which will be either 1 or 2. The robbers are trying to break into a safe, and cops have to do anything to stop them. Crime War’s controls are very good and joystick support is available too. It has dozens of masks, suits, weapons, accessories, a load of new safes, and even more exclusive content.


4: Burning Dead

Burning Dead

This is fourth in the Top 10 New Games For Android of December 2021. Burning Dead is the game where you have to survive in the forest and mountains which are full of zombies. In this game, your mission is to rescue your daughter to become a hero. You have to try to overcome zombies’ hordes attack! According to me, the forest is not safe. Climb huge mountains and jump cliffs on your way to salvation. There will be dangerous fires and spectacular storms that will take your breath away. You can use pistols, shotguns, machine guns, crossbows, and even grenades to survive. while playing this game you will get a fully immersive 3d environment. You should download this game as you will get unlimited action in this game.


5: Racing World

Racing World

This is fifth in the Top 10 New Games For Android of December 2021. Racing world Game is developed by Day 1 Games LTD. In this game, you can collect, upgrade and compete in this strategy racing game. According to your need build your collection of cars and bring them into exciting real-time simulated races. You should control your driver to focus and hit NOS to burst across the finish line!
While playing this game you will enjoy a huge variety of races from deep off-road mud tracks of the US through to the lush sand of Mexico’s beaches. In this Racing World game, you can expect to do anything . You will also be able to explore a huge range of cars.


6: Dream League Soccer 2022

Dream League Soccer 2022

This is sixth in the Top 10 New Games For Android of December 2021. Dream League Soccer 2022 is a game which is developed by First Touch Games Ltd. This game will put you in the heart of the action with fresh look and brand new features. Your dream team can be built based on your needs and then you can take the field against some of the most prestigious soccer teams in the world. You will enjoy its 3D motion-captured player moves, realistic in-game commentary, team customization, and much more. Own a soccer empire that includes a stadium, medical center, commercial space, and training facilities. If you want you can compete against players from across the globe with Dream League Live.


7: NERF Battle Arena

NERF Battle Arena

This is seventh in the Top 10 New Games For Android of December 2021. NERF: Battle Arena game is developed by Nitro Games Oyj. It is an action game. Blast away with your NERF BLASTERS in a fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer game. You have to choose the right blasters so that you can battle across a variety of game modes in the NERF. Open tons of new unique blasters and upgrade the heavy and weapon which is fast and accurate. Pick your personalized loadout, add Power Cards to make your strategy awesome. You can also jump into fast and furious play sessions of a max of 3 min each. Your battle will be in Pinball Artena, the Nerf Castle, and the Train Robbery. There are four modes in-game. Nerf Battle, Token Rush, Siege, and soilo. Are you ready to go?

Come on into the NERF Battle Arena and let’s have a blast!


8: Haydos 380

Haydos 380

This is eighth in the Top 10 New Games For Android of December 2021. Haydos 380 is developed by Creative Monkey Game. Play-Cricket like never before! Play as the Australia Legend Matthew Hayden himself and enjoy all of the game’s modes.” Haydos 380″ is a next-generation simulation game with 3D graphics and real cricket action. With the full-fledged commentary provided by Australian Cricket Legend Matthew Hayden, the game is even more exciting. ARE YOU READY? This Game has World Cricket Championships such as the World Cup, the T20 World Cup, the Premier League, and the Aussie Big League Cricket. It includes 500+ animations, 60+ batsmen, 10 bowling actions, and a unique physique for the top players. THE 380 CHALLENGE IS HERE.


9: RACE Rocket Arena Car Extreme

RACE Rocket Arena Car Extreme

This is ninth in the Top 10 New Games For Android of December 2021. The publisher of this awesome game is SMOKOKO LTD It is a racing game. If you want you can take part in 3D ultimate races, fire rockets, and use the protective shield to counter the enemy’s attack. Nitro Boost is a must! Put that gas pedal to the floor and leave the other race cars behind. As you drift, drag, bump, collide, fire and overtake to finish first, you decide the rules on the track. It’s your Monster Truck, your arena, your rules! Get straight into the action in Arena battles. Race through fire traps, huge Morgenstern, chainsaws, and other destructive obstacles to burn out your enemies. The game is like an action movie! Rocket Arena Car Extreme (R.A.C.E.) is a firecracker of survival races and car battles.


10: Dream Edge

Dream Edge

This is tenth in the Top 10 New Games For Android of December 2021. Welcome, master sniper! A great conspiracy is secretly unfolding on the Isle of the Singularity. We need you more than ever! Be a hero, and fight for the glory that belongs only to you!
Dream Edge is a 5v5 third-person shooter (TPS) game. The pace is fast-paced, but the game has an amazing deep strategy system. They have prepared A LOT of heroes and weapons for you, bringing you a fantastic near-future experience!


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