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Top 10 New Games For Android of May 2022

1: Project RushB (Early Access)

Download Project RushB  New Action Game for Android 2022

Project RushB (Early Access is an action game which is developed by Laser Edge Studios. The core game mode of Project RushB is Bomb Defusal, a 5v5 hero-based tactical FPS. TBT has now added Project RushB. Choose your favorite hero and prepare to join the battlefield. Project RushB is a fast-paced bomb-defuse game and matches usually last 15 minutes. You have to pick up your phone and then join this game. So many easy controls. This game has graphics of high quality. The sound quality is also good. Players were waiting for this game for a long time.


Note: Use Australia VPN

2: Sleepwalkers: Zombie War

There are a lot of weapons and characters available in SleepWalkers to help you fight the zombies. Zombies have taken over the world and the worldwide users have become gangsters and bandits. Build your inventory and improve your community with your friends. Show the world your power in this post-apocalyptic world. Takedown the zombies and save the world. Find the right characters that fit your personality, upgrade them, and get ready for the challenge.
You will be defining the best weapon for your adventure, put it on, and get adventuring.


3: One State – MMORPG Sandbox

One State - MMORPG Sandbox

This 2022’s exciting role-playing mobile game features a modern open-world, cars, and shooting. You can do anything you want in these role-playing games. As a medic, you can save people’s lives. Own a business and protect it from others or get rich at someone’s expense. You can drive a truck or transport passengers. Take over the mafia city or become a cop… or become a cop and protect the law in this real-life simulation. In these entirely online games, you can play together with friends and other players in real-time.


4: Scary Dolly: Horror Simulator

A new Horror 3D Game called “Scary Doll Yellow Horror House” features a doll that is extremely frightening and extraordinary and people are scared of her, so they throw it away. In this Survival Horror Game as a first-person nanny, you are now terrified of all the strange things happening in the house after this doll has reached your home. You are a housewife who takes care of the household. But now you are scared of this creepy doll that makes strange sounds in the Deathhouse of Babysitter’s games that will cause you nightmares in this Scary Horror Game.


5: Age of KITA

Age of KITA

You will lead humanity in its desperate struggle to fend off swarms of fearsome Xenoids, end the brutal Alien Archonate rule, and bring a new dawn to all humankind. You will be playing this fast-paced with a Compelling story mode. Tons of weapons are available which you can use to defeat the enemies. You can recruit powerful heroes that will help you in battle. To win this game you have to use your best tactics otherwise you will lose the game. The graphics and sound quality of this game are pretty awesome.


6: Trial Xtreme Freedom

Trial Xtreme Freedom

In this game, you can compete in PVP races against other players from around the world. You can play in over 10 different environments, each one with its own crazy obstacles and amazing design. With over 15 different riding vehicles you can ride in the town. Each vehicle you can use its own unique ability. You can really stand out from the crowd. You will experience endless possibilities to upgrade your bike, with over 100 different parts. Each car has its own stats. You can create a bike that will not only suit your style but also help you to get 1 position. This game has huge potential to grab the audience. Therefore you should play this game.


7: Torchlight: Infinite Beta

Torchlight: Infinite Beta

Ember Technology, which has existed for 200 years following Torchlight II, is the primary source of power for machinery and magic practice in the era of Ember Technology. Behind the facade of a flourishing civilization, Ember is beginning to wreak havoc on the land and the lives it depends on. A task force of elite fighters emerges as civilization faces an unprecedented crisis. In the face of darkness, they prevail – they are Torchlight. As Torchlight embarks on an epic quest to defeat evil forces and achieve salvation, each member brings extraordinary strength and unique abilities with them.


8: Dungeon Slasher: Roguelike

Dungeon Slasher: Roguelike

Dungeon Slasher is an action game which is developed by 96PercentGames. By seeing the number of downloads I can tell this game will become popular very soon. The story mode is interesting therefore you should play this game.
Right now pre-registration is only available. You can decide the character which you want to use. Characters should be upgraded so that you can win battles. For more information, you should download this game.


9: Raccoon is not happy

Raccoon is not happy

Create spaceships on a variety of mysterious planets, discover the universe and find partners A “raccoon god” created this universe, and “explorers” are bound to it when “events” happen. You have to follow the rules of the “Raccoon God” to get out of here, a being who will help you while embarrassing you. You will meet all kinds of strange partners here, as well as the noisiest “virus” little raccoon. To save yourself and also this mysterious vast galaxy, explore as much as you can. Our favorite feature of this universe is that we can use the bugs to our heart’s content – little raccoon.


10: Aether Gazer

Aether Gazer

When the old world is engulfed by the catastrophe, the story begins…In order to create a virtual paradise free from strife and death. The survivors uploaded their consciousness to the Gaea.Zero networks. Yet beneath the surface of peace, monsters called “Shihai” are born from the data source layer. Which erodes civilization and leads to the established future departing from its intended trajectory ……. The self-examination program acquired the name God and evolved into an entity called “Modifier” in response to the crisis.


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