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Top 10 New High Graphics Games For Android 2022

1: Last Outlander

 Last Outlander

This game is also based on a story-based survival category in which you can see many different types of creatures, demons, with them, you have to fight to make your own Armory and there are lots of cut scenes that will explain things slightly, the graphical points of this game are excellent and the gameplay walkthrough is fantastic in terms of playing.


2: Rakshasa Street Mobile

This is a deluxe voice cast with the dedication of the original author and the assembly of guardian spirits and hot blood! The game perfectly restores classic scenes and popular characters, and the battles have returned! Defend your beloved in the streets of Rakshasa by summoning your own guardian spirits and joining forces with the irresistible soldier Cao! Come join our team, Soultellers! Awaken your Valkyrie bodies!


3: Chainmonsters Demo

Chainmonsters Demo

A massively multiplayer online RPG, Chainmonsters allows you to catch, battle, trade, explore, and combine different types of monsters and abilities to create your own style. There is no need to pay to subscribe to the game. Together with your friends, explore the vast lands of Ancora on Steam, iOS, and Android!


4: Eggy Go

Eggy Go

Welcome to Trendy Kingdom’s fantasy journey! Every egg on Eggy Island strives to become a trendy toy! Compete with other eggs and make a breakthrough. Who will reach the finish line first and stand out at the party? Remember to use all kinds of props: bombs, freezes, electric shocks, and even farts. During the party, you can do whatever you want and let your happiness out.


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5: Fire Squad

Discover the secrets behind our legendary characters’ special combat skills. With the help of your heroes, you can turn the battle situation around and defeat your opponents! Choose the one that best fits your playstyle and master it. Do you want to enjoy fast-paced, PvP-killing moments in addition to survival mode? You can experience a 10-minute, unprecedented arena dogfight among players in the 5v5 Team death match.


6: Wings of Heroes

Wings of Heroes was developed by RORTOS. This game is based on a World War II air combat simulator. You fight in PvP battles against opponents from all over the world. If you have guts, prove it by winning this game. Make the best strategy to win this game because it’s no cakewalk. You can shoot! Pump! Conquer! Here you can select aircraft that were available in World War II. You can adapt your aircraft to the needs of the mission. You should play this game because I loved the theme of the game. There are also weapons that you can use in your plane to shoot down enemies.


7: Ski Challenge

Ski Challenge

Everyone can play it, and it’s so realistic that you can control your ski jumper’s movements. Get your landing and takeoff techniques to the next level. Compete on nearly 90 ski jumping hills in career mode, unlock new countries and hills, and spend your hard-earned money on fancy ski suits, skis, and helmets! Prepare for every competition by training, practicing in all conditions, and getting ready to compete! Multiplayer mode allows you to play against friends.



8: Protectors: Shooter Legends

Protectors: Shooter Legends

You can unlock and upgrade dozens of powerful heroes, each with its own unique weapons and abilities. Play different game modes to fight battles. If you want, you can make that game a PvE shooter or a PvP shooter. Shoot your enemies from a distance with a hero equipped with a sniper rifle!


9: War Machines: Tanks Battlefield

War Machines: Tanks Battlefield

In one of the best cool games, are you ready for war? Play these free multiplayer tank games. Get all the stars by choosing your tank, aiming your guns, and beating your opponents. Your arsenal will include a variety of combat vehicles. It is a challenge that you can conquer! We all have our own unique tactics and our own unique fighting styles. Tanks from different worlds of war shoot differently. Find new equipment and improve it according to your strategic goals. Use camouflage and distinctive signs to demonstrate your superiority. Upgrading combat vehicles from the mid-20th century to the latest technology.


War Thunder Edge


(Honorable Mention)

PAYDAY: Crime War

10: Undecember

Experience the unexpected thrills of combat on countless maps with different themes. By creating thousands of them, you will surpass the limit. Immersive storyline and growth based on hunting and farming. Keeping both the fun and excitement of an RPG, while remaining true to its values. Enjoy building up instead of choosing a class. Create your own character based on your combat style.


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