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Top 10 New HIGH GRAPHICS Games For ANDROID 2022

hello, friends in today’s post I will be telling you about the Top 10 New HIGH GRAPHICS Games For ANDROID 2022.

1.Vortex 9

Vortex 9 – Shooter game developed by Shooter Games for Everyone. This game has 8 amazing characters John, Marvin, McSpy, Mr.Goodboy, Jess Purrfect, Hellen D.Mon, Mercydroid and Beelzebox. You can customize your hero according to your needs. Dozens of shooting pistols and melee weapons are available to take out enemies. The most entertaining weapon is a machine gun, with which you can kill even enemy hordes. It also supports multiplayer mode. It has 3 well-known modes Team Battle, Deathmatch Solo and Capture Point. There are several maps available that you can use to guide you through the game. The graphics of this game are good.

2. Descenders

Descenders was developed by Noodlecake. This game has procedurally generated worlds. You can jump on the hills to increase your speed. Here we have freestyle bike controls. You will face great risks, but you will also get great rewards. So it makes sense to take risks. To build your rep, you need to use your best driving skills. There are also new bikes in this game. Choose your bike according to the mission. need. Can you survive the game in a single player? check your skill by downloading this game.

3. SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City

SNIPER ZOMBIE 2: Crime City was developed by VNG GAME STUDIOS. It has 3 modes: campaign mode, daily missions mode, and special operations mode. In campaign mode, you play offline and attack enemies to save the city. Daily Missions mode offers tons of missions that you can play to upgrade and buy new weapons. More than 100 challenging missions are available in which you kill zombies. Over 20 powerful weapons are available including rifles, shotguns, and unique bullets. More than 15 realistic maps with pure sniper 3D graphics are available. You can play as a single-player zombie game or if you want to participate in real-time PvP, you can also participate in combat. Here you will get a complete sniper shooting experience in this game. You must use your best tactical skills in 5v5 fun missions.

4. Battle Forces – FPS

Battle Forces – Gun Game was developed by Shooting Games for everyone. In this game, you get 44 and 55 fps and intense PvP battles. You can also play in team battles. In team battles, you will enjoy incredible weapon play options. There is a ranking system known as leagues. Your skills will determine which league suits you best. In this game, there are 6 heroes available for you to play as. Each hero has their unique ability. Therefore, you must choose the character according to the requirements of your mission. Each character has their own life story.

You have to update your characters and make them extremely powerful to fight in the shooter game. Big guns are available in this game. Pistols, machine guns, rifles, and grenades are available. Modify your weapons or improve their firepower so you can beat the top league players. Weapon skins are awesome and look beautiful.

5. Real Cricket™ 22

Real Cricket™ 22 was developed by Nautilus Mobile. There are more than 500 shots available in this game. These shots are divided into gold and platinum shots and you have to chose the best shot depending on the ball. In this Game, you are the captain of the team and decide the fate of the team. You are responsible for picking up, throwing and directing shots on the field. This game features authentic field and reception animations, as well as spectacular smash shots that immerse you in the action on the field. Now you can enjoy live commentary from legendary commentators. Like Sanjay Manjrekar, Aakash Chopra, Vivek Razdan, Danny Morrisson and Lisa Thalekar as part of the Real Cricket experience. The stadiums are dynamic and new. Here you play with your favorite teams while the spectators cheer in the pictures.

6. TOTAL ASSAULT: Fight to Death

TOTAL ASSAULT: Zombie Massacre was developed by App Reactor. In this game, you will face a global crisis of zombies, mutants, and horrific monsters taking over the world. Fight with intelligent mutants and armed hordes. On the battlefield, you will face the undead and human soldiers sent to kill all survivors. To defeat the military, you must use tactical thinking and aggressive guerrilla warfare. Use grenades and other explosives, move from cover to cover, and eliminate your enemies.

7. Fear Surrounds

Fear Surrounds was developed by JYSGames. This is a 3D horror game based on social deduction. A group of good guys must discover the ghosts’ true identities as quickly as possible. It offers dozens of professions and maps, making it a really varied experience. Whether as ghosts or goodies, players must discover who the assassins are by speaking in assemblies and observing their behavior. To achieve victory as a player goal, you must complete all missions. Get victory by eliminating all ghosts during meetings. To claim victory as the Specter’s faction, put on a brave face and, in the absence of eyewitnesses, kill the good guys.

8. Devil War: 3D

Devil War: 3D Offline FPS Game is developed by 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games. Gameplay is quite extensive for a 3D first-person shooter. Eliminate seven deadly sins, defeat seven lords and complete seven areas. Get the powerful gear, kill the lords and resist demon attacks. Evolve your pet imp to help you in battle. Play this unique sci-fi shooting game for free and become an excellent demon hunter. You will experience a perfect visual effect when playing this epic FPS game.

9. Snow Mountain Drift

Snow Mountain Drift is a realistic racing game for Android. In addition to the engine sound, the developers have installed an almost realistic lighting system and a damage system that will crumple your car and break your windows. In the FlatOut series, you don’t have to wait for the level, but the broken car is a great opportunity. Earn another car by completing daily tasks. Snow Mountain Drift has some downsides, including the small number of vehicles – only 2 cars.

10. Project Evo

Project EVO is a game developed by Laser Edge Studios. Discover happy coincidences in a huge open world. In this breathtaking, post-apocalyptic immersive world, accompanied by its incredible real-time weather system, you will traverse deserts, forests and snowy fields, mountains and ghost villages. Every adventure is guaranteed to bring you unexpected new experiences. Whether you face enemies with deep criticism or fearsome creatures that will tear you to pieces! You are about to enter an expansive world, so enjoy your exploration.

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