Top 10 New High Graphics Games For Android of The Month September 2022

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Hello friends, in today’s post I will be telling you about the Top 10 New High Graphics Games For Android for The Month of September 2022.



New marine apocalyptic survival RPG game Lost Sea is now available. An underwater world full of submerged urban buildings, ruins of mysterious deep-sea civilizations. The bottomless Rift Valley and clusters of glowing corals. The apocalyptic blue water world allows you to explore every corner of the apocalyptic ocean. And you can collect survival supplies while sailing and diving the sea surface. There are mutated sea creatures, unknown forces lurking in the darkness. And danger lurking in every shadow of the sea’s depths. The land has sunk; the people have migrated to the sea. Due to the threat of many sea mutants. You can only survive in this ocean with the help of a solid underwater space station.


2: Gangster Crime, Mafia City

Gangster Crime, Mafia City

The best open world gangster crime simulator and action shooter, Real Gangster Crime, Mafia City. Only real gangsters can defend mafia city from US gangsters and big robbery gangsters. Visit Gangsters Vegas city and pretend to be an American gangster because a real gangster crime war is happening in the city. And you are part of it! Play amazing gangster shooting games and action games to take revenge on gangsters. Fight against American gangsters in real crime games. Just like a multi-world shooter, Grand Theft Auto the Grand Gangster features amazing weapons.


3: Project X22

Project X22

In the 10-minute game, you choose legendary heroes and take unique weapons, improve your team in battle. Fight for the ultimate victory against three different opponents. Create your own fighting style with impressive shots! and an exciting gameplay experience with three units in a squad fighting against three other teams. Ghost mode allows you to quickly revive and explore. Legendary heroes can use their powerful abilities to help you win. In addition to assault rifles, machine guns and snipers, shotguns and fire to fight, fire the crossbow. You can gather resources to buy gear in battle and customize your fighting style.


4: The Last Days

The Last Days

You are a young girl who survived the apocalypse. You can control everything with just one finger. To survive in a wasteland full of undead, you must learn to defend yourself with a gun and a knife. .Keep hidden behind obstacles and in the grass to avoid detection. Kill mutants faster by shooting them in the head, or slow them down by shooting their legs. Escape the danger by successfully completing QuickTime Events. You can kill anything that moves or avoid encounters. or look for corpses. Craft ammo, first aid kits, Molotov cocktails and more to save your life.




With a gigantic map optimized for mobile platforms, good graphics, monthly updates and openness to ideas from the community. A few have already been implemented. This game has many cars that you can use in this game. Upgrade the car to win the race. The competitors are very competitive, so you must use your best strategy to beat them at all costs or you will lose. There are many maps in this game, such as mountainous terrain, normal roads, etc. This game is an open world that shows that you have a great road trip for you to defeat them.


6: Sarkar Infinite

Sarkar Infinite

Endless Sarkar is an amazing 3D action fighting game. Designed with the motive of making players’ free time more enjoyable. You will be amazed by Vijay Talapti and enjoy the cinematic action. You will fight with increasingly powerful one’s enemies. This game also supports multiplayer. Here you can compete with other players on the leaderboard. Only the strongest fighter in this game has the right to live. The visual aspect is outstanding, and it has excellent 3D graphics. The sound quality is also good. I loved the game. You should play this game, I recommended it.


7: Prince of Persia: Escape 2

Prince of Persia: Escape 2

Did you like Prince of Persia Escape? Then you’ll love this exciting sequel even more! Now the official Prince of Persia can find his Persian roots on his mobile device! Perform challenging stunts, dodge obstacles, kill your enemies and defeat huge bosses! A challenge awaits you with this sequel! You must learn the patterns and be able to execute the moves and timing to pass the test! The prince can overcome any challenge if he controls the time properly. You will find many unique levels to master, all in beautiful settings.


8: Hunt and Fight

Hunt and Fight

You are on a distant island as a result of a storm. You must earn a spot on the ship to return home. In order to earn a place on the ship, you must complete the tasks given to you by the locals. in this game, the graphics of this game are quite impressive and you will fall in love with its gameplay. There are also some cinematic graphics that give you a very good experience while playing. As you complete your tasks, you will gain experience and fame.


9: Urban Trial Pocket

Urban Trial Pocket

Perform the wildest tricks and combos on your bike. Be mesmerized by the fast-paced gameplay, colorful graphics and smooth controls as you drive freely. It spins in the air and goes back and forth. You can choose a bike that’s easy to handle for impressive tricks or powerful to beat the clock. With ultra-lightweight figures and touchscreen-adapted controls, you can pull off tricks with just your fingertips.


10: Suicide Guy: Sleeping’ Deeply

Suicide Guy: Sleeping' Deeply

This is a first-person action-puzzle game set in a world of dreams. He slips into the role of a nice big guy who can’t wake from his dreams. The goal is to help him get out of them. The game takes place in Suicide Guy’s mind for three to four hours. An unexpected twist in a whole new story. The level design is based on physics. They can pick up objects, throw them, activate mechanisms and even burp. There are many creatures that will annoy you. A variety of vehicles to drive. Collectibles to discover.


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