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Top 10 New Offline Zombie Games For Android

1: ZWar1: The Great War of the Dead

ZWar1: The Great War of the Dead

This story is set in a diesel-punk alternate history of World War 1, where the Great War never ended. Trench warfare has taken a supernatural turn. It is 1918, near the end of World War I, when the Spanish flu pandemic breaks out. Suddenly, the ‘flu’ victims return as ravenous undead. In the shattered wastelands and trenches, a new war erupts – the living battle the dead, where strange gases not only kill, but reanimate the dead, and otherworldly creatures stalk the haunted battlefields. There is a new, sinister force at work. Somebody, or something, is using the undead for their own nefarious purposes.


2: Rise of Survival: Zombie Games

Rise of Survival: Zombies Games is a game which is developed by Gamerz Overflow. According to the story, an unknown company tries to experiment on something unknown z virus. The virus had spread out. In this game, you will be playing as a man who is trying to stop the endless war with the zombie Army Empire. The refuge is also joining your team. Lots of guns are available like machine guns, rifles, AKM, and many more. Your main target in this game is to attack the zombie’s origins place and destroy the infectious zombie team. This game supports high-quality 3d graphics with real-life experience. The controls of this game are smooth. Therefore you should play this game


3: Invention 3 – Zombie Survival

Invention 3 - Zombie Survival

Invention 3 – Zombie Survival is an action game which is developed by Alexander Gerashchenko. In this game, you have to fight with zombies. You will be having guns to shoot the zombies. Zombies come in groups therefore you should use your best tactics to defeat the zombie wave. While killing zombies you have to search for a safe place to protect yourself. You can find weapons, ammo, and first-aid kits in the surroundings. Zombies are tough to beat as they become stronger level by level.


4: Burning Dead

Burning Dead

Are you ready to defeat your enemies in army games? Looking forward to playing the most thrilling and chilling gun shooting journey of world war 2. World war 2 guns game with trained world war soldiers on the battlefield. This is Offline Zombie Games. World war 2 sniper action with nonstop fighting and shooting. In this game, you have to use a war strategy reminiscent of the immortal souls of soldiers and an uncompromising shooting sequence. German army soldiers gun games, fight to the last man standing. Use the most powerful weapons to shoot down the enemy forces in this historically popular shooting game. Enjoy incredible HD graphics and bullet simulation.


5: Zombie train – survival games

Zombie train - survival games

The Zombie Apocalypse has begun! There is no life left on the planet after the zombie virus has struck. To survive after the apocalypse, you must leave. In order to survive in a training bunker, you need to get resources, craft everything you need, and travel by train. You will be hunting wild animals and zombies day survival. Search for items necessary for survival in abandoned cities and you will fall in love with its mechanism of collecting items. Build and strengthen your shelter. Train your shelter games craft. This is a zombie fighting game and you have to win this game. Craft resources so that you can survive in this game.


6: Zombie Virus: K-Zombie

Zombie Virus : K-Zombie

Zombie Virus: K-Zombies an arcade game which is developed by Clegames Inc. Survive in a city ravaged by the zombie virus and fight off bloodthirsty zombies! Kill zombies after the apocalypse. Defend yourself and your teammates from the walking dead with realistic weapons, explosive firearms, and advanced gear. Clear each stage of Nemesis and kill strong boss zombies using your special skills. With dozens of classic weapons to choose from, find one that matches your fierce mood today and shoot down zombies! Kill the zombie virus today!


7: DEAD TRIANGLE: Zombie Games

DEAD TRIANGLE: Zombie Games For Android Download & Gameplay

Dead Triangle: Zombie Games is an action game developed by Running Zombie games. This game is 1 in my Top 10 NEW Android Games list. When you start this game you will find out that you are in a dangerous town. This town is occupied by Zombies, and your daughter is missing this town. Now you have to find and save your daughter so that you can win this game. On the way to finding your daughter you will encounter all kinds of zombies, you have to defeat them so that you can get gold coins and DNA. Tons of weapons are available like MP5, AK47, M60,98k which you can use to kill zombies. Shotgun in this game most attractive weapon which you can use to counter zombies.


8: Zombie War: New World

Zombie War:New World

Zombie World War New World is a cooperative multiplayer shooting game. This is 5 game in the list of Top 10 New Android Games of The Month APRIL 2022 Players must cooperate with three other players or AI-controlled players to fight against the general and mutant zombies everywhere. It is very hard to fight alone in the game. Mutant zombies can knock down players instantly at any time. When a player is knocked down, he needs the help of his teammates to survive. In order to maintain both the graphic quality of the scene and surprising fluidity, our game uses PBR material that is no less than a computer game. Moreover, the roles in our game are not only beautiful but also intelligent.


9: Walking Dead: Survival State

Walking Dead:Survival State

Walking Dead: Survival State is an action game which is developed by Running Zombie Game. This game puts you into a world where zombies have captured that area. Now it’s your turn to save yourself and your team from them. Zombies will be hiding weapons blueprints, by defeating them you will be getting a blueprint and can create your own weapons. In this journey, you will be meeting good friends who will fight for you. When you will be fighting with zombies in between the game you will be getting the combat supplies that you can use so that you can defeat zombies.


10: Into the Dead 2: Unleashed

Into the Dead 2: Unleashed

Save your family and survive the zombie apocalypse in this ultimate action shooter game which is full of action! Will you survive the zombie apocalypse? Multiple action-packed chapters, dozens of stages, and hundreds of challenges to overcome. Weapons and ammo perks – unlock and upgrade melee weapons, firearms, explosives, and more. Fire from military gun emplacements, slay the hordes while on a vehicle, stabbing them to stay alive, or go after them on foot. Immersive environments – discover a variety of locations, from oil fields to military bases to rural farm communities.


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