Top 10 [Offline] FPS Shooting Games For Android 2021 High Graphics

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Hello Freinds today’s post is about the Top 10 [Offline] FPS Shooting Games For Android 2021 High Graphics

1: Dead End – Zombie Games FPS Shooter

The apocalypse has begun and a real nightmare is happening right now on earth. Sounds frightening, doesn’t it, a world invaded by dead walkers? In this offline shooting game, you need to use all your skills to survive each day. Create your most powerful weapon to win the war, shoot the zombies before they see you, prepare yourself with supplies to last longer, and formulate a good survival strategy. Defend your life in this non-stop FPS action zombie shooter game.

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2: Ultimate BattleStrike Game

Ultimate BattleStrike Game

BattleStrike Gun Shooting Game has fighting Beyond your imagination. You will enjoy action-packed shooting games with streamlined missions. One-on-one combat levels are designed exclusively for ultimate fighting. You will be dmiriti a young boy who turns into a soldier, and fights alone against an invader army. This is just the beginning of this endless war. You have to destroy the enemy with the latest guns and weapons with a variety of customizable options. You wear different guns with different skins and outfits via in-app purchase. If you earn achievements you will have greater firepower.


3: Pure Sniper: City Gun Shooting

Pure Sniper: City Gun Shooting

A realistic and exciting game of sniper shooting. There is a large campaign mode that can be played offline. This combat mission sniping game allows you to prove yourself against your enemies. Pure Sniper has many missions to accomplish. During a sniper campaign, you eliminate targets in many cities around the world. In a gun range competition, you have to show your shooting skills to kill targets from various distances.


4. T.D.Z. 3: Stalker

T.D.Z. 3: Stalker

In this game, the virus spread, because of which all living being becomes zombies. You get to see the story. Your mission in this game is to find a child. You choose the dark side. Because of that, you don’t know in which world you reach. Immerse yourself in the spiritual gatherings around the campfire. Feel an incredible atmosphere. Enjoy a full-fledged storyline with live dialogues and dynamic cutscenes. You will get to see beautiful three-dimensional graphics, pleasant visual effects, highlights, shadows.


5: WarStrike


Warstrike is a game which is developed by GameFrame Studio. This game is the best Fps shooting game of this year You will be playing offline amazing missions by following a unique story. It is a fast-paced action 3D shooter game with lots of weapons customization. This game good mechanism that makes this gameplay more enjoyable. Lots of helicopters and guns and weapons will amaze you. Fight with a gun and pay back your enemies.

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6. BlackBell Tactical FPS Shooter

BlackBell Tactical FPS Shooter

A first-person shooter game that features great graphics, high-powered guns, intense tactics, and massive gun customization options. In the thrilling campaign, you must shoot your way through one dire situation after another to save the world. Engage in a world-saving adventure while fighting a large and powerful company.


7: BlackBelThe Sun: Key of Heaven

BlackBelThe Sun: Key of Heaven

A first-person shooter with RPG elements, The Sun Key of Heaven is an action game with its own history, a wide range of weapons and armor, trade, factions, mutants, bandits, and prowlers to deal with. Discover the world, buy the best weapons from the merchants, and improve them. Make sure your equipment is top-notch! Your main goal is to save your Community from starvation.




SCHREI is a classic fps gameplay inspired by 90’s retro shooters. You will get to know about different bosses in this game. Roguelike RPG game experience. You will get intuitive controls when you will be playing this game. The gameplay of this game is awesome.


9: Endless Nightmare

Home is a free 3D game featuring realistic graphics, scary sounds, and a puzzle-based storyline. There are many items and clues in the creepy house, which can help you figure out the truth. As you explore the home, keep your eyes open for the ghost, run as soon as you meet her, and hide in the closet or under the bed are good ways to get rid of her. You can, of course, fight back, collect parts of the gun and assemble them, then shoot enemies to gain precious time for yourself! But don’t take it lightly.


10: Special Forces Group 3

Special Forces Group 3

The player can play this game on both Android and iOS devices. In the game, the player will be in the form of a first-person shooter. You will love the graphics and the gun sounds in the game. In this game, you will find a huge number of different missions and tasks that will take place in different parts of our planet. Which is going to be a lot of fun to play. The player will get to fight different battles in many places. The player has to play very carefully in the game as your enemy will attack you anytime. Cross cities, deserts, and abandoned objects, continuously firing at targets, destroying enemies. Chat with your teammates and develop your action plan for better in-game communication.

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