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Top 10 Offline Game for Android 2022

Hello friends in today post I will be telling you about the Top 10 Offline Games for Android 2022

1: El Hijo – A Wild West Tale

El Hijo - A Wild West Tale

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale is an adventure game which is developed by HandyGames.In this game, you will be Elhijo who is a child of the beautiful Lady. While traveling by train your mother was captured and taken away from you. when they were taking your mother you fight with them they throw you out of the train. Now it’s all up to you to take your mother back from west bad people. As you are a kid you cannot use a gun but you can use your stealth and other tactics to fight evils. to hide from evils you have to merge with shadows to hide from lawless. The storyline of the game is very good. Therefore you should download this game.


2: Hopeless Forest : Shooter 2022

Hopeless Forest : Shooter 2022

Hopeless Forest: Shooter 2022 is an action game which is developed by VKG Studios. In this game, some innocent people are trapped in this dangerous jungle. Zombies are teasing them and they will surely eat them after some time. Now it’s up to you to protect them. You have to fight the zombies using your special hands and sometimes you can even use a gun. Runaway to protect yourself and kill them when your health is okay. There is some drum that will explode when you shoot at it. Protect people and take them to the safe zone to win. There is a total of 16 levels that you have to complete to win this game.


3: SovietCar: Classic

SovietCar: Classic

Soviet Car: Classic is a simulation game which is developed by M.O.A.B. In this game, you will drive cars. The environment of this game is of the time of the Soviet Union. There are different cars which you can drive. Map in this game is vast which makes players happier as they can roam anywhere according to their wish. You can also drive a truck if you want. A new update has added new cars from Eastern Europe to the game.


4: Bunker 21 – Survival Story

Bunker 21 - Survival Story

Bunker 21- Survival Story is an adventure game which is developed by Skanersoft. In the game, there is an interesting and exciting plot in the style of classic quests and adventures, simple puzzles that require attention and ingenuity, an abundance of enemies and various monsters, the presence of weapons, and the need to manage resources. In the film, the main character finds himself in a world where mutants are raging and people are being destroyed by a virus. He has to find a secret laboratory, fight a variety of creatures and figure out what is going on.


5: Steel And Flesh 2

Steel and Flesh 2 is a strategy game which is developed by VirtualStudio. You will be able to experience the Middle Ages in 1212 when the Mongol Empire was gaining strength in Asia, and the Crusades were in full swing in the Middle East. On a large map of the world, you can find 20 large states. Become the king of any state you choose or create your own and capture more and more territories. You can also earn money by selling trophies and fighting with bandits. Building a business and buying land will allow you to live this game. On top of traveling on the global map, you can also personally take part in a battle with your army, whether it is a battle in an open field or a siege of a city, castle, port, or village.


6: Initial Drift Arcade

Initial Drift Arcade

Initial Drift Arcade is a racing game which is developed by Voxel Fun. In this game, you have to win the race by going ahead of your opponent’s ghost. The game has low poly graphics. There is 7 route theme located in 3 different worlds. There are two types of driving physics to chose from- suitable for both beginners and advanced players. You will be seeing 27 upgraded cars which are divided into 7 classes. Download it to see more features of this game.


7: World War 2 Reborn

World War 2 Reborn

World War 2 Reborn is an action game which is developed by World War Reborn. Are you ready to take on the enemies in Army games or FPS Jogo de Tiro? I am excited to play the most thrilling and chilling gun shooting journey with battle combat in world war 2 reborn. Playing nonstop world war 2 sniper action with gunships. WW2 reborn evokes the undying soldier spirit and unyielding shooting sequence of war heroes. Shoot your way to victory in world war games of gun games with missions.


8: Zombie Hunter Fire

Zombie Hunter Fire

Zombie Hunter Fire is an action game which is developed by Hwanho Studio. It is an easy shooting game where you have to aim the zombies and shoot. You can use a drone for easier specification. The game has a feature where it can automatically track and attack zombies. Zombies have dangerous weapons which makes it players hard to defeat them. Therefore you have to use your best strategy to beat them.


9: Super Rabbit World

Super Rabbit World

Super Rabbit World is an arcade game which is developed by Filaret. Super Rabbit World follows the adventures of a rabbit whose life often involves situations in which he has to save his girlfriend, a deer. You will be attacked by different types of creatures during this battle, including green slime, different types of slugs, mice, scorpions, pigs, and monster eagles. In the end, you must defeat the giant stone monster. Additionally, you can play with your favorite character during these great adventures.JetPack will also be used to get to the end of the fuel during the game. The game has its own storyline.

SIZE186 Mb

10: Huntercraft: Zombie Survival

Huntercraft: Zombie Survival

Huntercraft: Zombie Survival is an action game which is developed by candy Room Games & RabbitCo. Huntercraft is a free 3D survival shooter. The storyline of the game will take a post-apocalyptic turn: after a catastrophe, civilization is on the verge of extinction. People are trying to survive in a world where most of the population has become zombies. You are one of them, and your task is to rid the world of walking skeletons and dead people. Stay healthy, eat, and drink to stay alive. Stay warm by the fires during winter.


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