Top 5 New High Graphics Games for Android 2023

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  • Auto Life I Brasil:

Auto Life I Brasil is a comprehensive open-world mobile game available for android audiences. The gameplay is set up in the Brazilian favelas. 

It is a car street racing game that will certainly give you adventure and a thrilling experience. 

The gameplay will take you to explore the slums to explore life that might not have witnessed before. You can earn money by making deliveries as well. 

With mind-blowing graphics and 3D simulation, The gameplay will drive you crazy for sure. 

In addition to this, You can customize your car with superlative functionalities and extraordinary capabilities. 

The game is provided by ‘Direction Games’. 

The download link is below: 

  • Shadow Fight: Shades:

Shadow Fight: Shades is an action Role-Playing Mobile Game that pursues the story of Shadow Fight 2. 

The game is enriched with some more powerful features that will take your excitement to another level. 

The gameplay involves intensive action fighting, battles, different locations, discovering new friends, fighting with new enemies, grabbing shades, and witnessing the Shadow universe. 

The game involves amazing visual scenes with realistic battle action, supported by 2D background. 

Shadow Fight: Shades is incorporated with thrilling battles, exciting elements, and 3 different worlds. 

The game can be played offline but with some restricted features. To experience the comprehensive game, you need to have an internet connection. 

The game is offered by ‘NEKKI’. The download link is given below:  

  • Ace Racer:

As the name suggests, Ace Racer is a car racing mobile game that is embraced with advanced vehicles and superlative features. 

The game involves some legendary cars such as Porsche and Nissan with extensive customization options. 

Each car is equipped with its unique potential and amazing capabilities. 

It’s time for you to kick-start your engine, and explore the high-end cars on astounding race tracks. 

You can form a team with other players as well. You can decide what you want to be between the following: Speedster, Supporter, or Interceptor. 

The 3v3 adds more excitement and exhilaration to give out the best high-speeding experience. 

The game is provided by ‘Exptional Global’. 

The download link is below:

  • Sailor’s Odyssey:

Sailor’s Odyssey is an action-fighting game that involves adventure, excitement, and bravery. 

The gameplay will take you to the pirate-marooned island, and one must steer through the deceptive terrain, outplay the opponents, and discover the secret treasure of the island. 

It supports a multiplayer mode to form a team with other players from around the world. 

It is an action survival game. Therefore, you need to utilize most of your skills to stay alive till the end. 

A wide variety of weapons and firearms are available for you to assist you in the combat battle. You will uncover more skills as you move ahead in the game. 

The game is presented by ‘Jillis Pliefke’. 

The download link is given below: 

  • Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch:

Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch is an open-world game for android users. 

The gameplay involves wild forests, noisy towns packed with people, peculiar cultures, and attractive horses. 

You will witness threatening obstacles and crusades as you go along in the forest. 

It is a multiplayer game. So, you can explore the adventure with your friends as well. 

You can build the dream home for your horse to put him in a safe place. 

One interesting feature is that you can customize your avatar and horses. 

Explore the game to experience a breathtaking journey with your friends. 

The game is offered by ‘Foxie Ventures’. The download link is given below:

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