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Top 5 Up-coming Survival Games For Android 2022

Good morning Freinds in today’s post I will be telling you about the Top 5 Up-coming Survival Games 2022. So be seated and enjoy the journey.

1: Project EoE

Project EoE

Mankind has lost the battle against the invaders called the NAtives and has been expelled from Earth. The player takes on the role of Eve, a survivor of the paratrooper squad that was sent from the colony to win back Earth, who must fight through powerful enemies with new allies. Players playing in Eve come on an adventure because of a desolate, destroyed world full of unknown creatures. In Eve, combat is fluid and zestful – including attack, defense, and evasion. In order to survive, you have to understand the attack patterns of various enemies and counter them with precise timing. Once you’ve parried and evaded, use multiple combo skills in the battle. As you defeat your enemies, you will witness a spectacular display of power.

2: Crisis x Last Survival

CrisisX Last Survival

This game is full of adventure. While playing this game you will experience the new open-world survival action MMORPG. Currently, the beta version is available. In coastal town oakport sudden president activated alert nationally. It has been a few days since a mysterious spore infection wiped out most of the population, and the infection keeps spreading. After fleeing in panic, people realized they were in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, mutants and zombies roamed the streets, infrastructure was destroyed, and society had collapsed. When you fled into the wildness, you and your family were separated. As a result of this devastating doomsday, you are completely alone! Your only goal is to survive!

3: Project Arrival

Project Arrival

Discover top secrets in the mutant-ridden wreckage of alien spacecraft, race tanks in cyberpunk towns under glistening neon lights, and encounter mutant behemoths beyond your wildest dreams. There are over ten different types of environments, including wetlands, forests, deserts, and valleys. The weather varies dynamically during the day and night. You can use hundreds of cutting-edge weapons with unique capabilities. In the construction system, you can use blueprints to build your own homeland and create new furniture, so that your home is truly yours.

4: Undawn

A popular FPS (First Person Shooter) game publisher released a new game entitled “Undawn.

A popular FPS (First Person Shooter) game publisher released a new game entitled “Undawn. Previously, Garena published games such as Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile. They are collaborating with Tencent. ‘Undawn’ is in development by Chinese gaming group Tencent’s which is a subsidiary of LightSpeed & Quantum Studios. Undawn takes place in an apocalyptic world ruled by zombies. Players must battle hordes of zombies lurking around every corner.The players must set up a base and defend it against the zombies. Undawn’s open-world requires players to collect resources. To win this game you must survive in a world where Zombies are the residents, and Humans are aliens.

5: Our Planet

Our Planet

“Our Planet” is an Unreal Engine 4-based space exploration sandbox game. According to the game A player is born on an unknowing planet and must use imagination and creativity to begin adventures after adventures. This game offers a high degree of freedom of gameplay, a colorful environment, and also the opportunity to fight alongside many small partners. Collect resources to build your home. You will experience a new life in space. It will also have an Online multiplayer mode too. It is an Rpg-like game therefore you must check this game once.

(Survival Games You Can Play Right Now)

Raft Survival: Desert Nomad

Raft Survival: Desert Nomad - Simulator 

I rank Raft Survival on the top 10 android & ios games. It is one of the best free survival online games in which you play as a single survivor. You are trapped in a vast area of desert sand oceans and your only objective is to survive on the raft that floats in the air. You can do anything in this game to protect yourself from malnutrition and dehydration. In this game, You have to protect yourself from desert monsters. Watch the indicator of health, hunger, thirst, and look for other survivors. It is a survival game simulator where you have to collect useful resources to improve buildings, and craft various armor and weapons to protect yourself from intruders.




Niffelheim is a game where a brave warrior has to battle. Asgard was a well-deserved peaceful world but now it is not. As your avatar soul is trapped in the harsh world of Niffelhiem.You have to survive in this hostile world, ransack the neighboring land and explore dangerous dungeons to find a way to Valhalla. You can brew potions from the mushrooms. According to your wish cook dishes so that you can feed all your friends. Brew poison that will kill your enemy.


My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia

Now you can play a top hit PC 3D simulation game on your mobile device! Craft and build your way to the top builder in town by inheriting your pa’s workshop! During your exploration and discovery of hidden relics, you will be able to restore the glory of human civilization to this post-apocalyptic world. Build relationships with NPCs and townspeople as you become a seasoned builder. New outfits for characters and NPCs are available in the store. While playing this game you will be engaged in challenging battles and adventures in this old civilization game. In this game, you will feel 100% Original PC gameplay and experience.


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