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Car Crash Racing – Russia is a brand new Russian car racing mobile game for android users. The game is provided and offered by the Sad City, 17 which is a UAE-based android game developer. Currently, He has 7 games under his belt. Some of his renowned games are Car Simulator San Andreas, Traffic Racer Russian Village, and Arabic Traffic Racer. 

Car crash racing is one of the best realistic games created to date. The gameplay will take you to Russian villages and cities. You can explore a variety of high-end Russian cars in this game. In addition to this, the developers are working tirelessly to import more powerful cars to provide the best user experience. 

The game is absolutely designed for car racing gaming lovers. If you are one of them, then you arrived at the right place. RCC – Russian Car Crash Online is a 3D car crash simulation game that will give the utmost pleasure in crushing cars. Get ready to explore the exotic locations to witness the exciting challenges, and Upgrade your driving skills to become a professional racer with Car Crash Racing. The game offers unlimited car customization, thrilling car tests, and the best realistic experience that you will ever have. 

It is an online multiplayer game. Therefore, You need to have a strong internet connection to play the game. Play car crash tests with your teammates and feel the real-time destruction. You can communicate with your opponents across the world and have a chat with them. Push yourself to go on challenging missions in multiplayer mode. 

The graphics and visual scenes of this game are explicitly designed to give the utmost seamless experience to the end users. It is a highly-worthy car racing mobile game. 

You are entitled to have a cool collection of luxurious and high-tech sports cars in your garage. More than 30+ legendary cars are waiting for you to have a ride. From 80s retro cars to super modern racing cars, From old-school Russian cars to Lamborghini are designed for you. Have your hand on plenty of supercars to get the best quality experience of car racing. 

Explore the unlimited number of customization options and upgrade your engine, suspension, tires, traction, etc. The game is incorporated with soviet vehicles as well. Each one possesses a different nature and unique properties.

Car crash racing involves different exhilarating gaming modes for you. Get on the car racing journey to race, smash, and explore more locations to unlock brand-new exciting cars. But a huge number of traps are being set up for you. So, you need to be aware of that. 

Experience the derby mode where you can defeat your enemies until they can destroy you. You can even limit the number of opponents as well. 

Mega Ramp allows you to fly your car away to acquire the top speed in order to make your car jump at a great distance.

There are a lot more in the game that you will experience when you will start playing by yourself. In a nutshell, the Car crash racing game will take you to the next level of a car racing game. It is a lot more different than the rest of the games of this style. Get ready to explore the realistic car racing world with this game. You can download the game from the link below: 

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